ISIS Child Jihadist Executions: Adult Militants Stand By While The Children They Train Commit Cold-Blooded Murder

An ISIS child jihadist recently executed a grown man in a carnival ball pit, and video footage of the incident, recorded by ISIS militants, has surfaced, according to PJ Media.

It’s been established that the ISIS child jihadist execution video, which is 18 minutes long, was originally recorded in Khayr, Syria, which ISIS currently has control over. At one point, the footage even surfaced on YouTube and Google Drive.

“Like previous ISIS videos featuring children, the video argues that coalition bombing is a reason for kids to join jihad and kill Americans.”

Child jihadists hold toy guns in Palestine

Before you see the ISIS child jihadist murdering a man in a carnival ball pit, you see a different child taking part in a public stoning ceremony, which, according to Psychology Today, involves the victim of the brutal ritual to be helplessly half buried in the ground while the participants throw stones at them. The stones are big enough to cause immense pain but not quite large enough to kill on impact, making for a slow, torturous death.

The footage then shows the doomed captives confessing their “sins” to the audience. This is reportedly a normal occurrence in ISIS execution videos.

After admitting their faults, the recording changes, featuring a deserted amusement park and three ISIS child jihadists slaying three different prisoners who are all bound to a ride or other carnival attraction, such as a ball pit.

The reason these victims were executed is because they were thought to be guilty of espionage.

The opening execution shows an ISIS child jihadist, who can’t be more than 10-years-old, beheading a man who is tied to the handlebars of a spinning circle-shaped structure. After the gruesome murder, the camera lingers on the decapitated head as the ride spins on its axis.

The next ISIS child jihadist stands inside a ball pit with an adult ISIS militant and a man bound to the barrier of the pit. The child is holding a handgun and fires the weapon five times into the victim. Once it’s over, the young jihadist points the gun in the air and yells “Allahu Akbar” two times.

The last recorded ISIS child jihadist killing involves another young boy who looks to be 10 or 11 sliding the side of his hand threateningly across his throat before beheading an adult male in front of the train tracks of a child ride, all while an older ISIS member looks on. After the decapitation, the youth jabs the blade into the dead man’s back and retreats from the scene.

Sources indicate that this isn’t the only recent ISIS child jihadist execution footage recently publicized by the terrorist organization, as just before the world rang in the new year, ISIS published a video of young teenagers chasing down and slaying captives around a deserted property.

“At the end of December, the Islamic State released a grisly video showing child jihadists hunting down bound ‘apostates’ in a live-fire training exercise.”

In this recording, the prisoners who the ISIS child jihadists were to kill had their hands bound behind their backs but were allowed to be mobile to try to escape their fate, which, of course, was futile. Dissenters of the ISIS brand of Islam are not allowed to live. In fact, apostates are thought to make up terrorist group’s largest population of victims, as reported in 2015 by the Atlantic.

A few weeks ago, the Telegraph reported that ISIS developed a child-friendly mobile game application in which the player of the game is able to “attack” prominent buildings and structures of the West, such as England’s Big Ben, America’s Statue of Liberty, and France’s Eiffel Tower.

In August of 2016, an ISIS child jihadist was moments away from detonating the suicide vest strapped to his body in Kirkuk, Iraq, when Iraqi military officials intervened just in time and saved the child’s life, the Daily Mail reported.

These ISIS child jihadists have been dubbed “cubs of the caliphate” by the international media.

ISIS child jihadists learn the Quran

“Once they are recruited by IS, the children’s isolation leaves them utterly under the control of military trainers, who school them in the fundamentals of the most fascistic interpretation of sharia law.”

ISIS knows how to take advantage of their young in order to establish the kind of future they wish to see. The ISIS child jihadist of today will become the adult ISIS jihadist of tomorrow, given they don’t die before then, and the cycle will inevitably repeat itself if nothing is able to successfully stop it.

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