Duggar Cousin Amy Reveals She Was Physically Abused By Male Relative

Tara West

The Duggar family is known for their conservative Christian values and large brood. In early episodes of the family's show 19 Kids and Counting, Amy Duggar was a frequent visitor who relished in the reality television spotlight. However, it was quickly noticed by fans that Amy Duggar didn't seem to adhere to the same strict household rules as the other Duggar children. Whether it was wearing pants or going on conventional dates, Amy Duggar was not your ordinary Duggar. Things haven't changed as Amy Duggar recently married Dillon King and has since been working on creating her own reality stardom. Her most recent attempt was signing up for We TV series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

Entertainment Tonight reveals that Duggar cousin Amy and husband Dillon King will be featured on the upcoming series. The show focuses on providing "therapy" for couples in the house, but they live together with other therapy couples and are filmed throughout the process. In one particularly disturbing part of the show's teaser, Amy King can be heard describing a moment that she was "picked her up by her throat and lifted her toward the ceiling."

When the teaser first came out, many feared that Amy had been subject of domestic abuse at the hands of husband Dillon King. However, Amy has denied those claims by taking to Twitter to note that the incident did not involve Dillon.


Though Amy King noted that Dillon was not the one that abused her, she has revealed that the individual was a family member. When speaking to ET's Lauren Zima, Amy King revealed that a male family member was the perpetrator.


Amy notes that the incident took place "a long time ago" and says it is not something that she had told anyone before the show. She notes that her husband Dillon King did not know about the incident until it was revealed on the show. Amy says that speaking about the incident provided her some healing and that she has since forgiven the male family member for the abuse.

"I did get the healing I needed. That was something that was always in the back of my mind -- a big question mark of why, or how it affected me. I left Marriage Boot Camp feeling a lot lighter, and I did forgive that person. That was probably the hardest day."

Amy says that the name of the family member will be revealed in the show. As a result, Amy says she called the individual in question to let them know that the incident would be made public and to offer forgiveness. Amy says the incident was not something she planned to talk about on the show, but that it just came out during the therapy.

"I called this person and told them what was going on and that kind of thing. I think they were shocked about it and a little hurt that it was mentioned, but at the same time, it needed to happen. I needed to forgive that person. It was not something I planned to bring out. When you're there, you forget cameras are rolling. You're in therapy. We've talked a lot about stuff in our past, but that was something that was very hard for me," she confides. "And I do love the person that was involved. I love this person a lot."

Who do you think will be revealed as Amy Duggar's abuser on Marriage Bootcamp? Do you think any of Amy's famous Duggar cousins were involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Amy Duggar King/Instagram]