Kelly Ripa’s Co-Hosts Ranked, Is Megyn Kelly Posing A Threat To ‘Live’?

Kelly Ripa’s co-host search may come to a head following reports that Fox News personality Megyn Kelly is possibly planning a new daytime show similar to Ripa’s long-running Live with Kelly vehicle. As contemporary rankings of Kelly Ripa’s many Live guest co-hosts continue to appear online, the imaginable rankings threat of a proposed Megyn Kelly-hosted TV competitor is posing a very real challenge to Kelly Ripa’s legacy Live program.

On Thursday, The Wrap posted a detailed ranking of Kelly Ripa’s co-hosts that have appeared in place of Michael Strahan, Ripa’s former Live foil who co-hosted the show until May of last year. Backed by reported ratings, the piece examined Ripa’s various celebrity guest co-hosts, lodging suitable picks for Live co-host contenders with Andy Cohen, Jerry O’Connell, Fred Savage, and even Kelly Ripa’s husband and part-time co-host, Mark Consuelos.

Kelly Ripa attends the Kelly Ripa Home Collection for Macy's launch at Macy's Herald Square on July 20, 2016 in New York City.
Kelly Ripa at Macy's official launch of the Kelly Ripa Home Collection. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

According to the aforementioned Wrap article, Kelly Ripa has hosted more than a handful of guest co-hosts in the wake of Strahan’s Live with Kelly departure. The website’s count of 60 different co-hosts in 130 episodes highlights the note of competition seemingly brewing among Ripa’s many possible choices for a permanent Live co-anchor.

“Live has had 60 different guest co-hosts across 130 episodes since Michael Strahan bailed on Kelly Ripa.”

Meanwhile, newscaster and news-maker Megyn Kelly — herself having served as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on a highly-rated Election Day Live broadcast — recently made waves in the television world with her widely-publicized split from Fox News. Megyn is reportedly now contracted with NBC and planning a new daytime talk show. Conjecture surrounding the impending Megyn Kelly program posit the show as a possible threat to Kelly’s Live.

Host Kelly Ripa with a dog, speaks onstage during the CNN Heroes Gala 2016.
Kelly Ripa speaks onstage with a dog. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]


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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly Ripa’s face-off with Megyn Kelly could possibly involve a “clash” of the two broadcasters’ respective talk shows. The proposed program from Megyn Kelly, as noted by the Post-Standard, may appear in the same time slot as Kelly Ripa’s Live. If you had to pick between watching a daytime show from Kelly Ripa or Megyn Kelly, who would you choose?

Frequent viewers are well aware that Michael Strahan now serves on ABC’s Good Morning America. After acting as Kelly Ripa’s co-host for over three years, Strahan’s sudden switch to GMA reportedly caused tension between Kelly and the one-time New York Giant, the apparent animosity being widely covered in subsequent media reports. Ripa went solo on Live beginning May 16, filling Strahan’s chair with a collection of guest co-hosts since.

Previously gleaned timelines from the Live with Kelly camp concerning an eventual co-host victor have come and gone without result; Ripa’s overflowing calendar of guest co-hosts continues. Even this past summer, Kelly Ripa was expected to announce a new, permanent co-host for her show — this never happened. Do you have a favorite guest co-host on Live with Kelly that you think should be Kelly’s full-time partner?

Michael Strahan, despite vague gossip reports that have swirled since his TV switch, is ostensibly never coming back to Kelly Ripa’s Live show. As Strahan stated in an interview with DuJour magazine, he was not faking his previous zest when hosting Live beside Kelly, but did enjoy his time with the so-called “morning queen” regardless of a reportedly impersonal real-life relationship between the two television personalities.

“You can’t fake it. I don’t go out to her house for dinner every night, and we don’t hang out on the weekend. But we for some reason have this chemistry to be able to laugh and have fun like best friends in front of a camera.”


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Are you still watching Live with Kelly? Who do you think should be Kelly Ripa’s co-host? Are you fan of Megyn Kelly? Let us know your take on the two broadcasters in the comments section below.

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