‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall May Be Back To The Franchise For Fame And Attention, Not To Find A Wife

The Bachelor 2017 has brought Nick Viall back for an unprecedented third try at finding a wife, but fans hoping to see the 36-year-old settle down may be out of luck as reports indicate that he’s more interested with getting famous than getting married.

Viall gained a reputation as one of the more controversial characters during his first two appearances, which both ended in heartache. Now that he is the lead on his own season, Nick may have eyes at using The Bachelor as a springboard to a career in entertainment, insiders say.

[WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Bachelor ahead.]

Even as his season of The Bachelor is just starting to air, there are potential spoilers that Nick Viall doesn’t plan to marry the woman he will ultimately choose. Rumors indicate that Nick will select Vanessa Grimaldi, a 29-year-old teacher from Montreal, but that the two aren’t anywhere close to walking the aisle together.

As Hollywood Take noted, blogger Reality Steve reported that Nick and Vanessa may already be hitting a rough match.

“Reality Steve recently did a Q&A with fans, and he reported that Nick and his fiancée are already having problems. When asked if he thinks Nick’s engagement will last, Reality Steve said, ‘Not a chance.’ Steve added that he, ‘heard some things’ and that the relationship is ‘not great.'”

Reality Steve — who has been able to tap insiders at ABC to spill details about every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — noted that Nick went on the show for a third time “strictly to promote his career” and that his plans for after the show include moving to Los Angeles and taking acting classes. That’s not unheard of, as many contestants turn up to the ABC reality show with the hope of getting famous.

There seems to be some evidence supporting the potential spoiler that Nick Viall went on The Bachelor for fame rather than marriage. Last week, Nick went to On Air With Ryan Seacrest to discuss his past failures on the show, and he ended up stirring plenty of drama.

In the appearance, Viall made it clear that he was better off not winning the hearts of either Andi Dorfman or Kaitlyn Bristowe.

“Andi’s a great young lady, and I couldn’t be more thankful that she picked Josh,” Viall said, via Us Weekly. “[I’m even] more thankful that Kaitlyn picked Shawn.”

Viall was known for creating controversy in past seasons as well, including airing his dirty laundry with Andi Dorfman during her After the Final Rose special. Nick very pointedly asked Andi why she slept with him if she wasn’t in love, and he revisited the question during his interview with Ryan Seacrest this week.

“I’ve certainly made my mistakes in the past — that was certainly an example of one of them,” Viall told a caller. “And I certainly like to be someone who is willing to admit that he makes mistakes, and also open to learning from them.”

If the spoilers for The Bachelor 2017 are true, then Nick Viall could be taking a big risk in his plans to make it big. In the past, contestants who are transparent in their desire to get famous rather than find a spouse have become very unpopular with fans. And the most successful contestants — those who were able to stretch their careers beyond the obligatory Dancing With The Stars appearance and the interview circuit — are generally those in happy and lasting relationships.

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