‘The Flash:’ Is The Black Flash Going To Return? When Does ‘The Flash’ Comeback In 2017?

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The Flash is still running hot as one of CW‘s best shows. Barry Allen and Team Flash are halfway through Season 3. Although we have only seen nine episodes before the show went on its winter break, a great deal has happened.

Top 10 Plot Points So Far In Season Three Of The Flash

  1. Wally West Becomes Kid Flash
  2. Harrison Wells Goes Back To Earth-2 And H.R. Wells Comes From Earth-19 To Earth Prime
  3. Caitlin Snow Is Shown To Have The Powers Of Killer Frost
  4. Savitar Is Revealed To Be The Main Speedster Villain
  5. Doctor Alchemy Is Unmasked And Reveled To Be Julian Albert Who Is A CSI For The Central City Police Department
  6. Barry Goes Into The Future And Sees Savitar Killing Iris
  7. Team Flash Joins Up With Team Arrow, The Legends From Legends Of Tomorrow, and Team Arrow In Order To Stop An Alien Invasion
  8. Jay Garrick Returns To Earth Prime In Order To Help Barry Defeat Savitar
  9. Barry Reunites With His Parents As He Lives His Life In The New Timeline Created By Stopping His Mother From Being Murdered By The Reverse Flash In The Past.
  10. Barry Asks The Reverse Flash To Go Back In Time And Kill His Mother In The Hopes That The Flashpoint Timeline Will Be Reset Back To The Normal Timeline

At the end of Season 1, Barry decides to go back in time and stop his mother from being murdered at the hands of the Reverse Flash. Barry believes that by doing this, he can live a life with both of his parents. His mother will be alive and his father will not be in jail for her murder. Before he decides that going back in time, Barry is forced to watch his father be murdered by Zoom. Zoom killed Barry’s father as a way to manipulate Barry into a race. The race was a ruse. Zoom wanted to force The Flash to run as fast as he could in order to power up a weapon that would wipe out the multi-verse.

Zoom killed Barry’s father as a way to manipulate Barry into a race. The race was a ruse. Zoom wanted to force The Flash to run as fast as he could in order to power up a weapon that would wipe out the multiverse. Barry was able to outsmart Zoom, saving the multiverse. Just as it seems that The Flash is going to kill Zoom, two Time Wraiths appear out of the Speed Force, capture Zoom, and drag him back into the Speed Force. As they were taking Zoom away, Zoom is transformed. The transformation removes the skin from his face, leaving just his skull, and the lightning bolt on his uniform changes color to red. Fans quickly realized that Zoom had just become the Black Flash.

In The Flash mythos, Black Flash is considered to be an incarnation of the Grim Reaper for speedsters. The reason that a speedster has to be pursued by a Grim Reaper speedster is due to the fact that heroes like The Flash can outrun death.

Since Black Flash was established in the Season 2 finale of The Flash, fans have been waiting for a sign that the character was going to return in Season 3. Entertainment Weekly reported on the appearance of Andrew Kreisberg at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. Kreisberg is the executive producer of The Flash and what he was quoted as saying will surely not only give fans of The Flash elation, but it has also given them the answer about Black Flash that they have been waiting for.

“He will [be] the classic comic book Grim Reaper aspect. It’s just going to be on multiple shows. He’s a classic character and we have storylines on multiple shows that fit having him return. There’s something so scary about him, even scarier than when he was just a man because now he is the Grim Reaper, he is like the Devil. How do you stop the Devil? It presents an interesting challenge for the heroes of the respective shows in which he appears.”

The fact that Kreisberg said that Black Flash will appear on multiple shows may have fans scratching their heads as to why, but the answer is pretty simple. Right now, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow both have speedsters on them. Those are the two shows that make the most sense that would have a need to use a Grim Reaper speedster. There does not seem to be any logical reason as to why Black Flash would appear on Supergirl or Arrow. The only reason that Black Flash would appear on Supergirl or Arrow would most likely be that either Flash or Reverse Flash is one of those shows as a result of a crossover taking place.

Fans of The Flash will only have to wait a couple weeks before the CW ends their mid-winter break. The Flash is set to return on January 24.

Are you excited to hear that the Black Flash will make his return to The Flash?

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