Janet Jackson Is ‘Totally In Love’ With Her New Baby And Being A Mom

Former pop queen Janet Jackson is loving life with her brand new baby son, Eissa Al Manna.

Jackson gave birth to Eissa, her first child, on January 3. She’s been spending quality time with Eissa and her husband, Qatari business tycoon Wissam Al Mana, since the baby was born.

“The baby looks like Janet in so many ways with a touch of her man,” the insider noted. “She is totally in love. She is taking time to just be with her baby at this time and that’s all she really wants.”

After a somewhat troubling pregnancy, Jackson is back on her feet now that baby Eissa is born.

Janet is getting her strength back and feeling well,” a source exclusively told E! News. “She has so much help around her, so that has alleviated stress. She just feels so blessed everything went well and her baby is healthy. It was not an easy pregnancy at all.”

The 50-year-old Jackson had complained of feeling lethargic and was advised by her doctors to rest as much as possible during the pregnancy. It is good to hear she is doing better now.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jackson fortunately had a “stress-free delivery” without any complications.

There have been long-running rumors that Janet gave birth to a “secret daughter” decades ago, as mentioned in the Inquisitr report, but there has never been any evidence to support the rumors.

Eissa Al Manna was born almost into royalty. His mother is part of one of the most musically successful families of all time, and his father has a net worth of approximately $1 billion.

That’s not too shabby.

Jackson and Al Manna married in 2012. Reports of Jackson’s pregnancy began circulating in May of 2016, soon after she conceived, according to a report from People magazine.

Jackson canceling her Unbreakable World Tour was one of the main causes of speculation, and she later admitted that she did in fact cancel the tour so that she and Al Manna could focus on the pregnancy and prepare to start a family.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Jackson said in a video she posted to Twitter last April. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know.”

Jackson is lying in bed and wearing a white shirt in the video as she holds the camera up above her selfie-style to record.

“My husband and I are planning our family,” she continued. “So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

About seven months later, Jackson shared a picture of her bulging baby bump exclusively with People, with the comment “We thank God for our blessing.”

Janet Jackson’s stellar music career began when she was only seven years old and joined her siblings on stage to perform with The Jackson 5, according to her official MTV bio. She began acting in sitcoms in 1977 and joined the cast of the popular television series Good Times soon after that.

She released her first album in 1982, and the song “Young Love” off of the self-titled album reached No. 6 on Billboard‘s R&B chart. Janet Jackson’s career skyrocketed after that.

Her career has hit a little bit of a lull in recent years. Jackson’s latest album is 2015’s Unbreakable, which featured the songs “Dammn Baby,” “No Sleeep,” and “Unbreakable.”

Prior to the release of that album, Jackson went seven years without releasing a record. It was an unusually long hiatus for her. In the interim, her brother Michael Jackson passed away, which undoubtedly took her attention away from her music for some time. This was also around the time she met Al Manna.

Now that she has a new baby, we might not be hearing any new music from Ms. Jackson anytime soon.

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