Jennifer Lopez 'Having Fun' With Drake, But Is Her Heart Still With Marc Anthony?

Jennifer Lopez is very much in love with Drake and it looks like this whirlwind relationship has gotten her friends worried.

Jennifer Lopez's friends are worried this passionate relationship is going to end badly.

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"Everyone's concerned it's going to burn bright, but quickly fizzle out once the passion and crazy chemistry subsides a little, and Jen's going to be left totally crushed," a source close to the Lopez told exclusively.

Some of the friends have also described this relationship as a "roller coaster" ride. They have said that Drake is very much in love with her too. "This is a super passionate, crazy, and intense roller coaster ride — as most of Jen's relationships are. She is head over heels for him, and he seems to super dig her too."

She and Drake "hit it off immediately and have been making incredibly electric music together," the sources have said. "J.Lo's just having fun with a cute guy who treats her like a queen," the insider shared. "It's grown into something more and it's amazing."

The sources have said that their relationship has grown. "It's grown into something more and it's amazing."

Daily Mail has stated that Drake has always had a crush on Lopez when he was growing up and the fact that he is now getting to go out with his childhood crush is amazing to him.

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"He has always had a crush on her growing up, so the fact that all this is coming to life is pretty cool for him. He really likes her though."
The sources have stated that Drake loves to spoil Jennifer Lopez and it's not just love but also an appreciation for her family values. "He treats her like a queen and loves her work ethic and family values. This is the first girl besides Rihanna in a while that he is really into. Drake is looking for a relationship and something solid."

Even though Drake and Jennifer Lopez are very much in love, it seems like she is not able to get over Marc Anthony, her former husband. Or, should one say that Anthony is not able to get over her?

Us Magazine had reported that Marc Anthony is "still in love" with Jennifer Lopez and the two might just get back together.

The sources have stated that when he heard Jennifer Lopez and split up with Casper, he wanted to get out of his relationship with De Lima.

"As soon as he heard Jennifer split with Casper, he wanted out."
The sources have stated that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have a certain chemistry. The duo "have magic when they sing together," says the pal. "That's how they came together last time. There is just this chemistry between them." Is this chemistry enough to get the two together?

Jennifer Lopez had some very kind things to say about Marc Anthony: "Marc is a living legend. He is a magical and pure artist giving away classics that will stay forever. He will always be many things in my life." It's quite possible that Jennifer Lopez, after all, just wants to get back to Marc Anthony.

However, there are other reports that suggest that Lopez has no plans of getting back with Marc Anthony. However, their amazing musical chemistry can't be denied.

She also said: "It's very exciting. We worked on my last Spanish album together [Como Ama una Mujer]," she says.

She said she was excited to work with him. "I can't imagine doing it without him because the only kind of foray I've had into this world has always been with him. It's going to be exciting."

Do you think Marc Anthony is still in love with Jennifer Lopez? Do you think she will leave Drake and get back to him? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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