Nam Taehyun Still Trying To Form New Band– Former WINNER Member Looks Ready to Restart Music Career: Will Sulli Be Involved?

Nam Taehyun, WINNER’s former band member, looks like he’s ready to restart his music career. Koreaboo reports that the kpop idol has put a post back up on his Tumblr page which is a call for people with musical talents.

This comes after Taehyun deleted a similar post on January 5. That post was in English. This more recent post is in Korean.

Here’s what it has to say, as translated by Koreaboo:

“Drums, Piano, Bass, etc.

“Please send a self-introduction, performance videos, and photos.

“If you play the songs that I have posted to my SoundCloud, you can show the best performances.

“We are only recruiting for these four fields.

“Please write in Korean,

“We will contact you after reviewing.

The focus on looking for people who speak Korean could explain why the original English post was deleted.

It looks like Taehyun is very serious about putting together his new band as there’s a post going around Twitter stipulating where interested musicians can send their videos.

Of course. the fans are behind him offering lots of support on social media.


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As some fans have pointed out on social media, Nam Taehyun’s new call for musicians undermines YG Entertainment’s justification for why he left his original Kpop boy band, WINNER.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, YG stated that Taehyun’s “mental health issues” were holding WINNER back from performing their promotional duties.

The truth about his mental health has not been confirmed by Nam himself, but it’s clear that he still wants to make music.

It looks like he just wants to make it on his own terms and not YG’s.

@soompi This just proves that it’s not an issue about health right? His departure from WINNER I mean. But hey, good luck Tae Hyun!!!????????????

— queen (@imqueendxx) January 7, 2017

Nam Taehyun and Sulli

Recently there’s been speculation that Nam Taehyun and Sulli, a Korean singer, have been hanging out together, which is fueling rumors that there could be more to their relationship.

As All Kpop reports, some very keen Nam Taehyun fans realized that they may have been hanging out together after closely examining separate pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Netizens soon realized that it looked as if Sulli and Nam Taehyun were both in the same place at the same time as Sulli is in the background of Nam Taehyun’s picture.

According to All Kpop, it’s probably true that they were hanging out together and the pictures could have been taken at photographer JDZ Chung’s party last week.

Do you think that Nam Taehyun’s new band will succeed? Will Sulli be a part of it? Perhaps they will do a collaboration. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment]