A Tale Of Two Governors: NJ’s Christie Rations Gas, NY’s Cuomo Gives It Away [Video]

Fuel shortage is one of the primary issues facing those on the east coast who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. The two politicians at the center of the aftermath, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have adapted to the fuel shortage issue in distinctly different ways.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie has signed an executive order to ration gasoline in 12 counties throughout the state. Starting Saturday, drivers whose license plates end in an odd number may only buy gas on odd-numbered days of the month. Likewise, motorists with plates ending in even numbers can only purchase gas on even-numbered days of the month, according to MSN.

Meanwhile, in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo promised at a press conference Saturday that fuel is on its way: 12 billion gallons of fuel, to be precise. The best part “is it’s going to be free,” said Cuomo.

Five mobile fuel stations operated by the US military brought gasoline to New York City and Long Island, reports NBC News. At the Freeport Armory in Long Island, at least 1,000 customers are waiting in line for fuel, though they are being told that the gas will not arrive for another eight hours.

“There’s just so many people getting very frustrated. People don’t know what to do,” said Lauren Popkoff, who had waited in line for precious fuel for hours.

A mobile station in Queens was overrun as well, with a line of cars stretching 20 blocks, according to NBC New York.

People already at the distribution sites won’t be turned away, but the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs issued an advisory asking people to stay away from the mobile fueling stations until more gas arrives.


Cuomo adds that another 28 billion gallons of fuel will be delivered in the next few days.

Who do you agree with? Christie who conserves and rations fuel, or Cuomo who gives it away but has to turn down New Yorkers waiting while more arrives? A complex question indeed. Here’s a video report on the gas shortages in New Jersey and New York:

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