Grandma Cashes In $23 Million Lottery Ticket At Last Minute

Julie Cervera nearly missed out on her chance to claim a $23 million jackpot. The California grandma forgot that she purchased a winning lottery ticket back in May and almost missed the deadline to claim her prize.

The Inquisitr reporter earlier that Cervera would have missed out on her $23 million winnings if it wasn’t for a photo published in a local newspaper. Cervera’s daughter noticed the picture, which was taken from a security camera at the liquor store where the winning ticket was sold, and asked her mother if she may have misplaced her $23 million ticket.

Cervera said:

“I put it in my new car. It’s an old car but it’s new to me. It’s been there for five months… I’ve got like 200 tickets laying around my house. I never check my tickets.”

According to CBC, Cervera was struggling to pay her electric, cable and grocery bills while the $23 million ticket was sitting in the glove box of her car. But Cervera won’t have to worry about bills for a little now she’s cashed her ticket in.

Cervera said:

‘My grand kids are all going to be taken care of, and my [three] daughters. I’m just so happy. I’m going to buy me a pair of Reeboks.

Cervera also said that she was going to treat her two adopted sons to a trip to DisneyLand.

Cervera said:

“A big portion is going to them, so that when I’m gone they’ll be OK… I’m going to take them to Disneyland. I really am! And we’re going to pay for everything.”

Cervera had until November 26 to claim her prize. If she would have missed the deadline the money would have gone into the California school system.