Duggar Family News: Jim Bob And Michelle Keep Calling Their Kids 'Servants' On Facebook

Treva Bowdoin

The Duggar family lives in a huge house occupied by more than a dozen people, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don't employ any nannies or housekeepers. However, the parents of 19 have a secret for keeping their household running smoothly that they're more than happy to share with their fans: They've taught their children to act like "servants."

A recent post on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page features three photos of Duggar boys that appear to be taken after one of their family's holiday parties. Whoever wrote the post claims that the boys helped clean up after their guests.

"These young men are so great!!! Super dishwashers too!! Jesus said the greatest among you will be the servant! We love and appreciate you guys so much!" the Facebook post read.

In the pictures, 15-year-old James Duggar is holding a smartphone and is smiling at the camera; Jason Duggar, 16, has his arms crossed while posing in the kitchen; and Jeremiah Duggar, 18, stood in front of the kitchen sink. Jeremiah is the only kitchen helper who is pictured with dishes, but some commenters on the Duggar family's Facebook page have pointed out that he still has his jacket on and isn't actually touching any of the few dirty items in the sink.


Other fans responded to the Duggar family's Facebook post by criticizing Jim Bob and Michelle for making their kids do so much housework.

"Somehow it's really starting to feel like they use their children to serve them, cooking, cleaning watching younger siblings. They're kids, if you need a nanny or a housekeeper get one I'm sure you can more than afford it," one fan commented.

"Ok. I love the duggars. I really do. But every single picture of them is either them working or references what great workers they are. Which I can appreciate. To a point. Just let them be kids for a minute!!!" another wrote.

Last month, the Duggars praised James and Justin for having "servant's hearts" in another post on their family Facebook page. They shared another photo of the boys washing dishes, and James actually had a pan in his hand in that one.


Some critics may think it's a negative thing that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar treat their kids like actual servants by using them as free babysitters, housekeepers, and cooks. However, the Duggar family clearly believes that having a "servant's heart" is a very desirable character trait, and the parents claim that they have trained their children to enjoy this lifestyle. According to the Duggar Family Blog, the Duggars define "having a servant's heart" as "finding joy in serving others."

The Duggar children are homeschooled and spend most of their time at their family's compound in Arkansas, so it just so happens that their parents and siblings are the only people around for them to serve. During an interview with Townhall, Michelle Duggar talked about teaching the youngest member of the Duggar family, 7-year-old Josie, how to serve her older brothers.

"The acrostic we use is 'Joy' - Jesus first, others second, yourself last, and if you put it in that order then it makes for a very peaceful, harmonious place to live. And so by realizing that, even at Josie's age, who is now four, our baby in our family, just encouraging her to realize, you know what you can serve your big brother, you can go and get him his cup and bring it to the table."

"Your servant's heart is shown and your genuine love for others is shown by all that you," Joy-Anna said of her sister-in-law's hard work.

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[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]