Cher, Kathy Griffin: Don’t Let Mitt Romney Turn Back Time On Women [Video]

In a new video from Actually…, Cher and Kathy Griffin urge voters not to let Mitt Romney “turn back time on women.”

The video begins with several TVs playing Romney footage, then segues into Richard Mourdock’s comment about pregnancy from rape being something God intended. The video then shows a clip from an ad of Romney endorsing Mourdock for the US Senate.

Cher then appears on-screen, telling voters there is “a lot at stake in this election, especially for women and people who like women and respect them.” Griffin says this means “gays, LGBTQIABC.” She then says, “This is not the election to be complacent.”

Cher says maybe Mourdock can sit next to Todd Akin, who thinks women’s bodies can magically shut down a pregnancy resulting from “legitimate rape.” Griffin makes gun shooting sounds and asks, “Is that how they magically attack?”

The video then goes on to talk about how this election is “all or nothing” and has to do with “choice, and fair pay, and health care.” Griffin throws in references to some of Cher’s hits, and the two urge viewers to vote and get their friends and family to vote as well.

Actually… is a partnership between the Jewish Council for Education and Research, a federal super PAC, and American Bridge, a research and communications organization “committed to hold Republicans accountable for their words and actions.” The Cher and Kathy Griffin video is the latest in a series of videos Actually… has posted during the 2012 election cycle.

What do you think of the video? Do you agree with Cher and Kathy Griffin’s comments?