Fails And Facepalms With Amazon’s Alexa: Don’t Let The Kids Near That Thing

Another similar Amazon Alexa catastrophe was back in 2015 when a little girl asks Alexa to spell “book.” Alexa understands the command but mistakes the word “book” and proceeds to spell the curse word “f***” instead.

Or if you want to coax your little kid to take a bath with a children’s song such as “Splish Splash,” then you might want to think twice too. Watch the video below as the man asks Alexa to “play the song Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath,” but was only met with a response saying “I can’t find a song Splish Splash I was Taking a Crap.” Next time, dad, maybe you might want to say the actual song title instead of the first lyrics of the song.

To prevent these Amazon Alexa fails with your kid, maybe you can try going with Mattel Aristotle, Stuffsuggests.. Mattel Aristotle enables you two functions: one side features a fully-functioning Amazon Echo, and the other flip side features a child-friendly Aristotle program.

The Mattel Aristotle is designed to understand toddler ramblings, sing baby lullabies, serve as a baby monitor, or even read children’s books and teach them the ABCs.

While Amazon’s Alexa is already available for purchase in the form of Amazon Dot, Tap, and Echo in the US, Mattel Aristotle is only available for purchase come June.

[Featured Image by Jeff Chiu/AP Photo]