Is Kate Middleton Upset With Meghan Markle? Not In The Slightest, Despite Claims [Debunked]

Meghan Markle has been a well-known actress since she took on the role of Rachel in the legal drama Suits. The beauty is also recognized for her humanitarian efforts and lifestyle site called The Tig. However, Markle has become even more prominent globally due to her new, yet reportedly quite serious, relationship with Prince Harry. By the time the Prince made a public announcement about the romance, Markle had already been spotted exiting Kengsington Palace and the two had been seen in one another’s company in Toronto as well- where Markle resides. Matching bracelets and news that a wedding may even be in the cards, indicates that there may just be another brunette beauty set to take a portion of the royal spotlight from the current most beloved royal, Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge, married to the Duke of Cambridge, has made her mark as a commoner who has eased into the role that involves being constantly in the spotlight and under the watchful eye, as well as scrutiny, of royal watchers and the media. Middleton has managed extremely well to the point that it is quite hard to believe she is from a middle class family and the daughter of hardworking parents.

Prince Harry has made note of the fact that his previous relationships ended due to the women involved not being prepared for, or happy about, always being in the media and hounded by the press. For this reason, Meghan Markle seems to be the perfect match to not only complement the Prince’s benevolent ways, but also to stand confidently next to him in the spotlight, which she is very used to as a celebrity.

Although there has been talk that Meghan and Kate have met and immediately bonded, this has not kept rumors from flying that Middleton is frustrated that Markle is taking a part of the spotlight she was so accustomed to having entirely to herself.

As Gossip Cop notes, the most recent rumor spurred on by Celebrity Dirty Laundry comes with the words, “Kate Middleton Fears Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Stealing Her Spotlight-Meghan Markle Named ‘Most Googled Actress of 2016″ in the headline to the article.

Additionally CDL goes on to make more unfounded and ridiculous claims about the Duchess’ view of the actress and how she supposedly feels about a shared spotlight.

“Kate Middleton might not be looking forward to all of the changes that are ahead for the New Year. In fact, Kate knows her days as the most popular and photographed member of the royal family are numbered, especially since Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle has been named the Internet’s most-Googled actress of 2016.”

The publication then claims that Kate is aware that Meghan Markle has social ambitions and is fearful that the actress may easily steal her spotlight, continuing by stating “Meghan is everything that Kate isn’t. Kate will soon become yesterday’s forgotten news.”

Additionally, the tabloid goes on to say that Middleton is worried that there will be a wedding between Harry and Meghan, adding that this is the last thing Kate wants seeing as she wants headlines to continue to be all about her.

As GC has determined, these ludicrous claims are completely fabricated.

“Middleton and Markle are not in competition with one another, and the Duchess of Cambridge has no reason to feel ‘intimidated.’ The outlet is simply trying to stir up a feud, despite previously alleging Middleton wanted to use Markle for her Hollywood connections. Celeb Dirty Laundry throws out wild, contradictory claims in hopes of scoring traffic off its original content. But the manufactured information is typically wrong. This is just yet another example.”

[Feature Image by Alastair Grant – WPA Pool/Getty Images]