Tim Allen Mocks America’s Culture Of Political Correctness

Tim Allen has never shied away from being politically incorrect, but this time he has mocked America’s political correctness and tolerance, according to Heat St. The 63-year-old comedian is also no stranger to mocking U.S. President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the latest episode of his ABC hit sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim Allen mocks America’s political correctness. On the show, the comedian plays a father whose daughter Mandy is attending college.

In the episode, Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, is preparing to give a speech to business majors at Mandy’s college full of students who want their campuses to be a politically correct space.

In the scene in question, Mandy helps Tim Allen’s character to make his speech politically correct by avoiding quite a few micro-aggressions. His daughter doesn’t even allow him to start his speech by saying the standard salutation “ladies and gentlemen” because it’s offensive for excluding “those who don’t identify as either.”

While this may make sense, what could be wrong with Tim Allen’s character saying that America is the land of opportunity? Well, apparently that’s not politically correct anymore! Mandy explains that this phrase implies that everyone has the same opportunities as others.

And when Tim Allen attempts to stand his ground, Mandy once again gives a legitimate explanation. When Mike says he’s not implying anything, he’s actually saying it – that “if you live here and you work hard, you can succeed” – Mandy says it’s offensive.

That’s because it “hurts the feelings” of people who work hard but fail to succeed. By now, Tim Allen’s character is already annoyed by the school’s rules.

That’s because it “hurts the feelings” of people who work hard but fail to succeed. By now, Tim Allen’s character is already annoyed by the school’s rules.

When Mandy tells Mike the college will pre-check his speech for “microaggressions,” Mike hesitates for a second and asks if “microaggressions” are some kind of “midget warriors,” according to the Independent Journal Review.

But then Mandy explains that microaggressions are actually “objectionable words or phrases,” and cites “midget warriors” as an example. Now Tim Allen’s character has another way to rephrase the word “microaggressions,” saying that they are “the latest liberal attack on free speech.”

So apparently the politically correct way to salute audience without excluding anyone and without offending any gender is to say “hey, everybody.” At one point, Tim Allen’s character is so annoyed by those rules he says it feels like he’s going against everything he believes in when following the list of “microaggressions” to avoid.

And Tim Allen actually has a spot-on description of those rules. When Mandy explains that the college is just trying to “protect the students,” Mike mocks the entire education system by asking, “Protect them from what, ideas?”

Tim Allen may be learning to be politically correct, but his 1994 film made thousands of people spell Santa’s surname wrong, according to the Mirror. While Christmas is already over, people are only now waking up to the fact that they’ve been spelling Santa’s surname wrong thanks to a film.

The film in question is 1994’s The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen and directed by John Pasquin. While most people spell Santa’s surname correct – without an “E” on the end – there are more people who have trouble with the correct spelling of the surname than one might imagine.

And it’s all thanks to the 1994 Christmas comedy, as the film’s title has confused thousands of people. In the film, the word “clause” is a play on Santa’s surname “Claus,” referring to the legally binding rule that gets Tim Allen’s character in big trouble, as it says whoever finds the Santa Claus suit after Santa dies has to become the next Santa.

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