Queen Elizabeth Health Update: Queen Heads For Church After Her Illness

Queen Elizabeth Health

For the past couple of week’s, fans of Queen Elizabeth have been worried about the British monarch’s health. Both Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, have been suffering from heavy colds, and this caused a great deal of disruption to the royal family’s Christmas break. The 90-year-old Queen and her 95-year-old husband caused royal watchers a great deal of concern when they broke a number of Christmas traditions. As recently reported in the Inquisitr, the Queen delayed her Christmas break at the royal palace in Sandringham and traveled by helicopter rather than making use of the royal train.

Concern intensified after the Queen missed her traditional visit to Sandringham church on Christmas Day. She also missed the service on New Year’s Day. This was the first time that the Queen had missed either of those services since she began the tradition of spending Christmas with her family at Sandringham. Queen Elizabeth is a deeply religious woman, and of course, she is also the titular head of the Church of England. For the Queen to miss both church services over the Christmas holidays is unprecedented, so it was small wonder that fears quickly spread over the state of her health.

 Queen Elizabeth II health

Just yesterday, many outlets, including the Mirror, were reporting that the Queen may miss today’s church service at Sandringham because of her continued ill health. Whilst Queen Elizabeth is probably fitter than most 90-year-olds, she is increasingly frail and has started to pass some of her royal duties to younger members of the royal family. Before Christmas, it was announced, that the Queen was passing patronage of around 25 charitable organizations to other members of the royal family. Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking up many of those commitments.

Queen Elizabeth Attends Church Today At Sandringham

Those who are fans of the British Royal Family will be delighted to hear that the Queen is currently undertaking her first royal engagement for over a month. BBC TV News is currently reporting that the Queen has attended the Sunday morning church service at St. Mary Magdalene church, Sandringham.

The Queen arrived at the church by car just a few minutes ago. She was accompanied by Prince Philip who traveled in the same car. The church service is also being attended by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Many people will be aware that Prince William and Kate Middleton spent Christmas with the Middleton family, some of whom are also attending today’s church service.

Queen Elizabeth Health

The Queen obviously feels that she is now well enough to be outdoors and feels that her cough will not disturb other worshipers at church. Buckingham Palace had said last week that the Queen had developed a “hacking cough” and she did not want to disturb other worshipers by attending church.

There were some indications during the week that Queen Elizabeth might be on the mend. ABC News reported that the Queen had undertaken some low-key official duties. She was well enough to be out of bed to present an honor to a member of her staff behind closed doors at Sandringham last week. Raymond Wheaton was honored by being awarded the insignia of a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, an honor that usually rewards personal service to her or the monarchy.

As is always the case when the Queen visits Sandringham, royal watchers were out in force to see the Queen arrive at church. According to the BBC, well-wishers were delighted to see that the Queen is on the mend.

One woman said she saw her get out the car and speak to the vicar, before going up the steps to church.

“We saw her very close up. We have been waiting the past three weeks to know she has attended. It is very nice to see her and of course, Prince Philip too.”

Fans of Queen Elizabeth will be happy to see that the Queen is once again undertaking official engagements.

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