Drake Supporting Nicki Minaj Post-Meek Mill Split: Should Jennifer Lopez Be Worried? [Rumor]

Drake has reached out to Nicki Minaj following the news that the female rapper has ended her two-year relationship with Meek Mill.

The former couple, who was once said to have been looking forward to marriage and children, ended up parting ways, with sources claiming that their breakup was bound to happen sooner or later considering all the alleged arguments the twosome had found themselves in.

Having heard the news that Nicki is now back on the market, Drake reportedly wasted no time in checking in with Minaj to see how she was coping with the split. While the duo has not spoken to one another in years, Drake has always looked out for Nicki and simply wants to make sure she’s in a good place.

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As previously revealed, Nicki had ended her friendship with Drake, having chosen to take Meek Mill’s side in the hip-hop rivalry that exploded over the summer of 2015. The “It’s Me” hitmaker had made claims regarding Drake’s rumored ghostwriters, claiming that the Canadian-born doesn’t write his own music.

It would go on to cause a nasty feud between the two, which resulted in Drake releasing his Grammy-nominated diss track “Back to Back,” in which he openly calls out Meek, even mocking the 29-year-old for being the opening act on his ex-girlfriend’s tour.

Now that the relationship between Minaj and Mill has come to an end, Drake is sure that things between himself and Nicki will get better — they now have a chance to make up for lost time and move forward. After all, Drake has always looked at Nicki as being a big sister to him, a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Drake shot Nicki a few texts after hearing she broke up with that loser Meek. Drake’s hella happy they’re over but wants to make sure that Nicki’s cool and that she’s not hurting or anything. He cares about her and certainly wants to be there for her and be a shoulder for her to lean on and talk to during this breakup.”

Fans, via social media, worried whether Drake reaching out to Nicki meant that there were some romantic intentions behind the move to get back on good terms with Minaj, but as the source mentions, the 30-year-old has never hooked up with the “Starships” chart-topper.

Having known Minaj for well over 10 years, they were the best of friends before becoming household names. Regarding Drake’s current relationship with Jennifer Lopez, a source continues stressing that J.Lo has nothing to worry about — Drake reaching out to Nicki is completely innocent.

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“Things with Drake and JLo couldn’t be better. They’re going strong [and] Drake doesn’t want JLo to feel threatened or anything,” the insider revealed.

“But make no mistake he’s going to be there for Nicki. That’s his girl. His friend. She’s like family. They have a five year plus friendship and that means everything to him. He’s going to be there for Nicki during this time.”

It’s been reported for months that Nicki has been working on her forthcoming album with multiple producers, with current plans to drop the record sometime this year. Now that Meek is out of the picture and Drake is making the effort to be friends with her again, fans shouldn’t rule out the chances of Drizzy collaborating with his long-time pal on a song.

Drake, who reportedly worked with Jennifer and Taylor Swift on their own projects recently, as mentioned by TMZ, is also said to be gearing up for the release of his own mixtape, so there’s definitely a chance that Nicki Minaj will feature on a track by the rapper — but, of course, that will only be if Minaj is on the same page as the “One Dance” star and wants to mend things with him.

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