Charlie Sheen’s ‘Winning’ Cosplay Couldn’t Help The Cleveland Indians, So What Chance Does He Have At The 2020 Presidency, Even With Ted Cruz On Board?

Charlie Sheen has high hopes of winning the 2020 presidential election, and now the Toronto Sun reports that the actor wants to enlist the help of Ted Cruz, who was defeated by Donald Trump to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, to help him win.

The controversial actor released a tweet on New Year’s Eve in which he invited Cruz to join him in the “Sheen/Cruz 2020” campaign, saying that if Cruz brings the “awesome,” Sheen will bring the “winning.”

Cruz replied to Charlie Sheen’s tweet, making reference to the popular American political drama The West Wing.

Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estevez in New York City in 1965, is a very well-known American actor who’s been in the news recently because of health issues and ongoing legal battles with his partners. Sheen admitted to being diagnosed with HIV, and is now focused on accepting the appropriate medical treatments to fight his disease. The once-popular actor has decided to lead his life to the full and stay in a positive frame of mind.

Charlie Sheen, who most recently made headlines when he publicly asked God to take Donald Trump next after Debbie Reynold’s death, was once a very promising actor who showed great potential in becoming a top Hollywood actor. He acted in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, Hot Shots, The Three Musketeers, and Major League. However, his drug addiction, marital problems, and alleged domestic violence threw Sheen’s life into turmoil, and today the actor is making a determined effort to shed his damaged image.

The good news for fans is that Charlie Sheen is set to feature in two new movies, Nine Eleven and Mad Families. The actor has also been trying to relive his glorious past by attending events reminiscent of his earlier hit movies. In late 2016, the actor recreated his Major League character Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn when he attended Game 7 of the Baseball World Series tournament held in Cleveland.

Major League was a movie about baseball tournaments, and Sheen’s character played a rookie representing the Cleveland Indians team. In real life, Sheen took on his Major League character and attended the baseball game between Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.

TMZ reported that Charlie Sheen was so enthusiastic about the game that he flew in his personal jet to see the Cleveland game.

A video posted to Twitter proved that Sheen really did attend the game in cosplay as his former character.

And as CBS Sports reported, the local police were concerned that Charlie Sheen would cause some kind of disturbance at the game, but luckily their concerned were unfounded as the game went down smoothly.

Sheen had earlier expressed his discontent at not being allowed to throw the first pitch, and there were rumors that he was prohibited from doing so because of the accusations of domestic violence against him. The New York Post, however, reported that Sheen could well be out of favor with the Cleveland team because in the playoffs he supported the Cincinnati Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The team usually honors those players who have represented them in real life. However, USA Today reported that the actor claimed he always considered the Cleveland team to be the dark horse of the American League.

“In fact, it was in the middle of that 14-game winning streak this year when I sparked up and I told a friend of mine there’s a dark horse team in the AL. Look out for Cleveland. And here we are.”

It seemed quite natural for Charlie Sheen to support the Cleveland Indians against the Cubs because Cleveland is his mother’s native city, and he happily cheered the Cleveland Indians by wearing the team’s cap together with the glasses worn by his character in Major League. Additionally, the actor was seen with the Jobu doll that was supposed to bring good luck to his major league team.

According to USA Today, Sheen advised the Cleveland Indians to go onto the field remembering their glorious win depicted in Major League.

“Act like it’s Game 7. Embrace all those childhood fantasies and walk-off moments that you had as a child and bring them to tonight.”

Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen’s support and cheering wasn’t enough to push the Cleveland Indians over the line, and the team lost to the Chicago Cubs in the MLB World Series. Given that Sheen wasn’t able to use his “winning” to help the Indians, doubts certainly remain as to whether he can really pull off the unseating of Donald Trump in 2020, even with Ted Cruz’s help.

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