WWE News: Goldberg And Roman Reigns Teaming Up For Huge Tag Team Match At WWE ‘Fastlane’

There have been rumors about Goldberg possibly facing off against Roman Reigns in a match down the line, but WWE officials are thinking about doing something different with the two men. Heading into the WWE Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns will challenge Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship while Bill Goldberg will confront Brock Lesnar again as well as enter his first Royal Rumble match in thirteen years.

It’s unclear what WWE officials have planned for the PPV, but there could be major changes on the horizon on WWE television. “The Road to Wrestlemania” is heating up, and it won’t be long before WWE is onto the WWE Fastlane PPV and then the grandest stage of them all. It has been reported recently that Goldberg’s current WWE deal will have him making an appearance at WWE Fastlane, which could result in a match.

Because the results of the WWE Royal Rumble are currently so hard to predict, another match for Goldberg is too unpredictable to guess right now. On paper, a big confrontation segment between himself and Brock Lesnar is logical. If he’s working another match at WWE Fastlane, there are many possible opponents for him to wrestle. However, WWE may have something unexpected planned, which was hinted at on Raw.

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Nothing is confirmed, but it’s being rumored that another possibility for Bill Goldberg at WWE Fastlane is to get involved in a tag team match with a top face against two heels on Raw. Last week on the last episode of Raw, Roman Reigns and Goldberg stood face-to-face and created some tension. That was before both men collectively speared Braun Strowman to the mat, which could have been a preview of what’s to come.

It’s possible that WWE officials may be planning Goldberg and Reigns to form a tag team at WWE Fastlane to face a team like Strowman and Rusev, or another heel from the Raw roster. The pairing of Goldberg and Roman Reigns would be a huge selling point for WWE Fastlane, which WWE officials have been attempting to make the WWE Universe see the PPV as more important on “The Road to Wrestlemania.”

Not only would teaming with Reigns be a selling point for WWE, but it would keep Goldberg busy while the rivalry with Brock Lesnar continues to build towards Wrestlemania. Goldberg has been in the ring for less than a minute and a half over the past twelve years. Shaking off more of the ring rust in a tag team match where Reigns could do most of the work would be good for him. Not to mention, Roman Reigns could be the WWE Universal Champion after the WWE Royal Rumble, so keeping him busy will be important as well.

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It’s still being rumored that WWE officials want to book Reigns vs. Strowman at Wrestlemania in another attempt to get Roman over with the WWE Universe. Regardless of that plan, Roman Reigns will be involved in a top match at Wrestlemania, so being featured with Goldberg will only help with the WWE Universe.

The truth is the WWE Royal Rumble will reveal so much about what WWE is thinking creatively going into WWE Fastlane and Wrestlemania 33 because there are many different directions that WWE programming could still follow. The possibility of WWE booking the final match between Goldberg and Lesnar at WWE Fastlane is plausible, especially if a dream match like Goldberg vs. Reigns is being planned instead.

Goldberg appearing at WWE Fastlane is best for business, so WWE officials are going to find a way to make that PPV as must-see as possible. Goldberg and Roman Reigns teaming together for the first and last time is a great way to sell the PPV. It’s very similar to what WWE did with John Cena and The Rock a couple of years back, but if Goldberg is wrestling another match at WWE Fastlane, this may be the only chance to see this.

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