Eva Longoria Is Passionate About Politics, But Draws The Line At Ever Running For Office

Eva Longoria is a ninth-generation Mexican-American who is proud of her Tejano heritage. So, it seemed natural for her to raise her voice against Donald Trump’s infamous election campaign which called for a wall to be built between the United States and Mexico to prevent Mexicans from migrating to the United States.

The Republican presidential candidate, now President-elect, faced a huge backlash for his remarks against Latin Americans, but the actress is more perturbed by the fact that Trump accused all Latinos of having entered America illegally. According to the Huffington Post, Eva Longoria proudly declared that she was more American than Trump, whose mother was, in fact, an immigrant.

“The fact that he uses the word ‘Latino’ to be synonymous with ‘illegal’ is a mistake. I’m ninth-generation American – I’m way more American than Donald Trump!”

Eva Longoria has worked hard for the welfare of Latin Americans, establishing The Eva Longoria Foundation to encourage young Latin Americans to pursue higher education and, more particularly, to excel in STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Her foundation encourages Latinas to complete their college education and work hard to become entrepreneurs.

Longoria’s foundation has many keen supporters, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. The actress also helps other American communities excel in education by lending her support to California Proposition 58, a ballot proposition. According to the Los Angeles Times, Californian authorities have proposed a change, encouraging students in Californian education districts to study English as well as a foreign language in order to become globally competitive.

Being very open about her political beliefs, Eva Longoria was vocal in her support for Hillary Clinton, Trump’s political opponent, and appreciated the diversity in her election campaign. Even though Donald Trump has now become president-elect, the Huffington Post reported that Longoria has much admiration for Hillary Clinton’s kind nature.

“I know her on a personal level, and she is one of the most likable, amazing, engaged, compassionate human beings.”

Hillary Clinton’s political agenda was more about positive social messages and promises, and this struck a chord with the actress who has a very positive outlook on life.

Despite her passion for the political movement, Eva Longoria draws the line at ever running for politics herself. According to the Huffington Post, Longoria explained to Latina magazine that she doesn’t have thick enough skin to ever run for politics.

“Politics is so much meaner than Hollywood. I mean, you need thick skin for it!”

Despite the failure of her previous marriages, Eva Longoria continues to enjoy married life with Jose Baston. According to E!, the Desperate Housewives actress revealed that she considers every negative incident in her life a learning experience.

“I think every relationship is a path to where you are today. Every wrong turn led you to the spot where you are, so it wasn’t necessarily the wrong turn at the time. I wouldn’t change anything — never”.

Eva Longoria became a famous personality when she played roles in Desperate Housewives and The Young and the Restless, and her life has been under a great deal of media scrutiny.

At 41-years-old, Eva Longoria continues to look gorgeous and stays in great shape. In fact, she still accepts modeling assignments. Earlier this year, she appeared in a swimsuit photoshoot by photographer James White, who took Longoria’s pictures for the cover of Miami’s Ocean Drive magazine.

In fact, InStyle magazine reports that Eva Longoria posted a makeup-free selfie in the tiniest bikini, as part of her luxurious Mexican holiday.

Apart from modeling and acting, Eva Longoria has ventured into production and has produced television shows Telenovela and Devious Maids.

Knowing that her private life is always under media scrutiny, Longoria has limited her online socializing activities using the Snapchat app. She’s very hesitant to discuss her private life and more importantly, her husband, who’s a very private person. However, according to E!, the actress uses social media extensively to promote her humanitarian causes.

“Social media can be overwhelming. I have a very private husband, so I don’t really post with him, and of course I don’t post the kids for security reasons. But I share a lot, and I use it for charity and my clothing line.”

[Featured Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]