Meri Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Breaks Down, Shares Thoughts About Mariah Revealing That She Is Gay

Last week at the end of Sister Wives, Meri Brown’s only daughter, Mariah, revealed that she is gay. Us Weekly Magazine shared about her big reveal. It was obvious that Meri was shocked by this news because she had no idea. Mariah had shared that she was going to make an announcement, but didn’t say what it was going to be, and nobody had any idea.

Now Meri is speaking out about what Mariah revealed in a new preview. The Hollywood Gossip shared the preview and what Meri Brown had to say.

Meri and Kody Brown wanted a house full of children, but it never worked out for her and she only had Mariah. In the preview, Meri reveals that she had this little girl and really just thought that someday she would grow up, meet a guy, get married and then have children. Meri has been watching the relationship that Janelle has with Maddie Brown’s husband, Caleb Brush, and she always expected to have that herself. Meri got tears in her eyes as she talked about how she won’t see that happen now.

Meri Brown shared that she always wanted to have a son of her own, but that didn’t happen. In her mind, she had always thought that she would kind of adopt her daughter Mariah’s husband into being a son, but that isn’t the case. Next, Meri is seen talking to Robyn, and she explains to her that Mariah could still get married, but it just won’t be to a man now. She will bringing a woman into their lives that Meri can treat like her own daughter.

Another thing that Robyn explains to Meri is that she may still have grandchildren in the future. It won’t be the same way that she expected, but between Mariah and her future wife, they will have two wombs that makes the option of having a baby even easier. Robyn said they can just buy some “baby making juice.” Robyn just really wants Meri to understand that Mariah can have the same things with a wife that Meri always dreamed of her having with a husband.

Robyn Brown is really happy about it and really wants Meri to see the good in all of this, so she is joking around with her. Robyn starts crying explaining that she can picture Mariah coming home with someone she “loves and adores.” That is what she wants for her is just to be happy. It is going to be hard for Meri Brown to get used to all of this, but in time it will come. Viewers are ready to see how it all goes for her over the next few episodes. Mariah actually shared this news back in November with the family, but it is just now airing.

Are you shocked by what Meri Brown had to say about her daughter Mariah revealing she is gay? Were you shocked by her reveal? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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