Woman Sues Police Over Ruptured Breast Implant [Video]

Pantego, TX – A North Texas woman is suing Pantego police after she says that an officer caused one of her breast implants to rupture during an arrest.

Arlington native Rebecca Van Hooser says that a Pantego officer threw her against her car during a traffic stop arrest on October 28, 2011, reports NBC News. The officer initially pulled Van Hooser over for a headlight violation, arresting her after finding that she had a warrant out for an unpaid speeding ticket.

“She gets out of the car, (the officer) grabs her, throws her against the car, spreads her legs … and grabs her arms and forcefully pulls them out and yanks them very hard behind her back,” said Van Hooser’s attorney, Susan Hutchison.

Being thrown against the car caused one of Van Hooser’s breast implants to rupture, said Hutchinson.

“She’s screaming in pain, and his response is, ‘This isn’t supposed to be comfortable,'” she said.

Van Hooser spent the night in jail, and her attorney claims that the ruptured implant has caused health problems. “She’s had a number of surgeries,” Hutchison said. “She had two hematomas as a result, and she’s going to have to have a partial mastectomy, tissue transplant and a new implant.”

Still, Hutchinson says that the lawsuit isn’t about Van Hooser’s health problems.


“We respect police officers,” said Hutchinson. “We’re glad they’re out there protecting us. When you arm someone with a gun and a badge and the authority that they have over people, you’ve got to train them appropriately, and they have got to be able to react reasonably and responsibly.”

Pantego officials say that their officers always conduct themselves with absolute professionalism, and that they have total faith in the police force. Hutchinson didn’t specify what damages Van Hooser would be seeking over her ruptured breast implant.

Here’s a video report, via local affiliate NBCDFW: