‘Days Of Our Lives’ On The Chopping Block As Megyn Kelly’s Talk Show Could Push It To Cancellation – How Long Does It Have Left?

At the beginning of 2017, Megyn Kelly revealed that she was leaving the Fox News Channel and becoming a part of the peacock family with NBC News. She is moving toward bigger and better things which will require a lot of changes on her part and it won’t be easy all around. There are other changes coming as well due to her new talk show, and there is the possibility that it won’t just alter the programming schedule, but it could cause the cancellation of Days of Our Lives.

Yes, Days of Our Lives(DOOL) has been on the air since 1965 and it will actually end up hitting episode 13,000 this week. It seems as if it is one of those soap operas that will last forever and keep going for the lifetimes of everyone, but everything has a limit.

According to People, a large number of cast members on Days of Our Lives have been told that 2017 is going to be the final year for the show. No-one associated with the filming of the soap opera or with the network has commented or said anything regarding that news, but the fact that it has been on a year-to-year renewal basis for years does add some credibility to that.

One source even told People about as much that was needed to think it may be cancelled when they said, “Basically, we’ve heard that there won’t be a Days in 2018.”

days of our lives cancelled megyn kelly talk show
[Image by NBC]

In February of last year, Days of Our Lives was renewed for a 51st season as confirmed by Variety. That announcement came in February and fans are anxiously awaiting to see if the show will be back in 2018, but why wouldn’t it be? Why would it be cancelled?

AOL reported that Megyn Kelly’s role with NBC isn’t fully known yet, but it could bring about a daytime talk show with her as the host. Some have said that her time slot would take over the third hour of the Today show which begins at 9 a.m., but that is not yet confirmed either.

Over on the Fox News Channel, things are a bit clearer. Tucker Carlson has already been announced to take over the 9 p.m. time slot that was formerly occupied by The Kelly Files. Now, NBC is floundering with no real news on what is happening with Kelly and where she will go.

Needless to say, but the idea that Days of Our Lives may be cancelled due to NBC’s acquisition of Megyn Kelly hasn’t been met well by fans of the soap opera.

There is even a petition in place to stop Days of Our Lives from being cancelled by Megyn Kelly’s new show.

Some line-up changes on NBC are already being made in a few markets. NBC New York reported that a new lineup will go into effect as of Jan. 16, 2017. They make it a point to say that “all your favorite show are staying; some are just shuffling times.”

Well, they may be staying for now, but 2018 may tell a different story. If Days of Our Lives is going to be cancelled, there could still be no official word of that happening for months or even throughout most of the year. Megyn Kelly may get another time slot and then later in 2017, DOOL could be cancelled and Kelly could take over its spot once 2018 begins.

Megyn Kelly did nothing but look to better her career and her life by taking on a new role at NBC and is hoping for a brighter future. As she left Fox News, she hoped for only the biggest and the best, but now, she’s getting heat from soap opera fans. It isn’t necessarily her fault, and it may end up being all for nothing, but if her talk show ends up forcing the cancellation of Days of Our Lives, there will be backlash. While not confirmed, fans need to prepare as if 2017 is the last year for DOOL.

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