‘Chinese Zodiac:’ Jackie Chan Donates Props To Historic Site

International action star Jackie Chan has donated props from his upcoming film Chinese Zodiac to the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, according to Live Trading News.

The 12 original fountainheads housed at the Gardens of Perfect Brightness were stolen from the attraction during the 19th century. In order to fill the void left by these historical relics, Chan has decided to hand over all of the replicas crafted for his upcoming action movie Chinese Zodiac.

“These cultural relics are the common property of human beings, and nobody should steal and loot these treasures for selfish desires,” Jackie Chan said at a ceremony on Tuesday.

The actor also explained that his recent film will “tell people to respect cultural heritage and urge the real-life repatriation of these antiquities to their original owner.” The motion picture stars Chan as a man on a quest to retrieve the stolen animal heads from the villains who swiped them.

The symbolic fountainheads reportedly represent the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar. While five of the original relics have been located, Chan is urging that the other pieces be returned to the Old Summer Palace.


Jackie Chan’s upcoming action film Chinese Zodiac is the third installment in his legendary Armor of God series, which were released in the United States as Operation: Condor. Since the actor is looking to spend his twilight years focusing on more dramatic roles, this film could be the last stunt-heavy endeavor featuring Chan’s patented brand of comedy and action.

Although Chan has claimed he’s through with motion pictures featuring tons of death-defying stunts, the actor is reportedly at work on another entry in his classic Police Story series. What’s more, Chan is also rumored to be re-teaming with Chris Tucker for another entry in the Rush Hour franchise.

The latest trailer for Chinese Zodiac has been embedded below. Are you a fan of Jackie Chan?