Charles Manson News: Killer Considered Strong Enough To Undergo Surgery, Odd Deathbed Wish Denied

Charles Manson, 82, is finally considered stable enough to undergo the surgery to stop the bleeding in his intestines, but there seems to be some difference of opinion as to when the surgery will take place. TMZ is saying that Manson will have the surgery today, after a blood transfusion, while other media sources say that Manson has been returned to prison. One thing is for sure, Manson's "deathbed wish" to donate sperm so that his 20-something fiancee can have his baby has been denied.

Charles Manson was taken to the hospital this week for a serious illness that was revealed to be internal bleeding, according to the Inquisitr. A variety of false news reports said that Manson, who masterminded the killings of several people in the 1960s, was dead, but that has proven to be untrue. Charles Manson was sentenced to death, just before California overturned the death penalty, and his sentence was commuted to life in prison.

TMZ is reporting that today, doctors have green-lit surgery for Charles Manson, to repair an intestinal lesion that is causing significant bleeding and infection. Though they are saying that the surgery was to happen today, there is no confirmation that Manson was taken into the operating theater, and other sources have said that Manson has been returned to the prison until the time his surgery is scheduled.


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Earlier this week, doctors scheduled surgery for Manson, but it was determined that he was too weak, and would not survive the procedure. It is likely that for all of the intestinal bleeding, Manson's red blood count was too low. Sources are reporting in an effort to stabilize Manson, he was given a blood transfusion. Initially, Manson was said to have refused surgery, but over the last few days, Manson was said to have changed his mind.

The News of Australia is reporting that Charles Manson was disappointed that his "deathbed wish" will not be honored, as he was hoping to have a child with his current fiancee, Afton "Star" Burton, 27. Officials have denied Manson's request to donate sperm to be given to Burton for the purpose of impregnation. It was decided that nobody would be given access to Manson's DNA outside of the hospital, according to a prison source.

"No matter what happens to Manson, none of his family are getting access to his DNA at this stage."

Just because Manson is currently in the hospital, prison rules still stand.

"The officers and authorities will not let them get access to tissues or any fluids at all. He may be in the hospital, but he is still considered to be under maximum security protection. Just because he may pass away does not affect that position. There is no room for sentiment or emotion when it comes to Manson — in fact especially because of Manson."

Even after Manson dies, the only way to get DNA or other tissue will be by a court order, and prison officials don't see that happening. Also, Burton is not Manson's spouse, or rightful heir, so the process by which she would get possession of his body would be further complicated.

Charles Manson is serving a life sentence for the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Details of any surgeries or procedures are pending.

Do you think Charles Manson will die as a result of surgery? Do you think his family will try to procure sperm for his fiancee?

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