'American Horror Story' Season 7 Theme Confirmation Date

American Horror Story Season 7 has been at the top of fan's minds since that final episode of Roanoke last fall ended with people wondering just what they are going to do. There have been many fan theories as to where the American Horror Story franchise will go from here now that they have gotten the "found footage" season out of the way, and there are some that even suppose that it could include characters from Season 6.

One thing that producers for American Horror Story did last year just before Roanoke premiered was keep the whole season a secret right up until the launch date. That means that theme and some of the actor's presence on American Horror Story: Roanoke were kept under wraps right up until the date the show aired on cable network FX.

Although that might have been a useful tool for the producers of American Horror Story last season, they have come out and said that there would be no more secrets for Season 7 of American Horror Story. That is something that fans have expected them to hold true to their word, and they will.

In an article on Deadline, the PaleyFest L.A. 2017 lineup has been announced and all of television's biggest shows will be there, which includes The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Fans of the show will be delighted to hear that American Horror Story will be closing out the festival with their panel on March 26, just after the Scandal panel.

"For 34 years PaleyFest has grown in size, presence and prestige – solidifying its spot on the Los Angeles cultural and popular landscape," Maureen Reidy, president and CEO of The Paley Center for Media, told Deadline in a statement. "We are so proud to present this incredible PaleyFest 2017 lineup as the centerpiece in our year-round Paley Center programming. This year's festival brings together fans and introduces new audiences to the stars and creators of television's most talked about and popular shows."

In the past, PaleyFest has been the main event for American Horror Story to announce its plans for the following season of the show, which will be the most likely date that American Horror Story fans will get to hear about Season 7 and what's in store for them.

There have been some American Horror Story fans that were quite displeased with Season 6 of the hit FX show. The Roanoke theme coupled with the "found footage" style of filming was a bit of a turnoff for most people who watched the show and criticized it on social media all through the fall of 2016.

Be warned, there are spoilers for Season 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke coming ahead. If you have not watched Season 6 of American Horror Story, you should only proceed with that caution in mind.

The "found footage" style of filmmaking for Season 6 of American Horror Story was first played out in a faux docudrama way that featured two different people playing the role of one character. One of those people was the faux "real person" and the other was an actor who portrayed a fictional reenactment of what that person went through during the whole ordeal. But that was only for the first half of Season 6.

The second half of Season 6 on American Horror Story featured the return to Roanoke, which is where the "found footage" style of filmmaking came in. It featured the real people and the actors who portrayed the real people returning to the house to make a reality TV show that would essentially draw in viewers looking to see how the two groups interacted with the supernatural elements that were claimed to have been part of the whole incident to start with.

There has been no word yet if any of the characters from Season 6 of American Horror Story will appear on Season 7 of the show.

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