Chrissy Metz Warns Fans, ‘There’s Stuff No One Is Going To Be Ready To See' When ‘This Is Us’ Returns

Chrissy Metz says it's time to stock up on the tissues before This Is Us returns from its month-long hiatus next week. Metz, who plays sibling Kate Pearson on the hit NBC drama, echoes a sentiment that fans have heard throughout the show's inaugural season. In other words, prepare for the worst for the new episode, titled "The Right Thing To Do."

"You should have some tissues ready," Metz told reporters at a TCA event, according to TV Guide. "There's some unexpected scenes and stuff that no one is going to be ready to see."

Fans have been waiting for nearly five weeks to find out the fate of Chrissy Metz's TV boyfriend, Toby, played by Chris Sullivan. The midseason finale had Toby flatlining in a hospital after an apparent heart attack during the Pearson family's Christmas Eve celebration. Chrissy's character, Kate, had just rekindled her romance with Toby after he flew across the country to surprise her and now his fate hangs in the balance.

Metz says that no matter what happens, Kate will be forced to rethink her life, including her previous decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

"Kate has a lot of decisions to make… It causes you to really think about how life is going to be impacted if something should go wrong or right," Metz said. "How does this affect her and her decisions -- whether she continues with the gastric bypass or she decides maybe it's not a good idea. There's so many questions."

Chrissy also teased that Toby's outcome could be too much for her character to bear.

"How much can one person handle? We fill voids when we're scared, and it's scary. Who knows what's going to happen?" Metz said.

Chrissy Metz previously told Us Weekly that her character isn't ready for such a massive loss, but she hinted that Kate will need support from her family, which doesn't bode well for Toby's fate.

"Nobody wants him to be dead! Especially Kate," Chrissy told Us. "She's not ready to handle that. You're going to see the family come together and really have some sympathy for Kate. Life is uncertain and you never know, and sometimes it's a really amazing thing and sometimes it's not what you hope for."

Metz also said viewers will be "very surprised" by the episode.

"All we know is that he's potentially flatlined," Chrissy said. "If anybody loses anyone, it's absolutely devastating. There's going to be questions answered. You'll have a little closure."

Chrissy Metz isn't the only one talking about the upcoming episode. This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman said an answer will come about Toby within the first few minutes of "The Right Thing to Do."

"There is a cold open with Milo and Mandy, and then the first thing back gives you basically an answer," Fogelman told TCA reporters. "I didn't want to drag it out and make it a miserable experience -- not only being scared about Toby, but also waiting to find out. It's answered within a couple of minutes."

Still, Fogelman didn't exactly sound positive when describing the episode.

"It is intense, "Fogelman said. "There's a lot that's been left in play… The Toby and Kate thing is a huge part of the episode."

Fogelman recently told Deadline that the This Is Us writers are not afraid to make big moves.

"Hopefully by now we've shown that we're not scared to make a big choice," Fogelman teased. "That said: the show has an optimistic underbelly. So I guess you could say there's an argument that could be made both for Toby 'making it' and 'not making it.'"

The "not making it" scenario definitely seems possible. Like Chrissy, Milo Ventimiglia, who plays patriarch Jack Pearson on the show, warned fans to stock up on the Kleenex when the second half of This is Us resumes this month.

"Oh, man, invest in tissues," Ventimiglia told Entertainment Tonight. "Maybe a warm blanket. Get a wine subscription. Just be open and ready for what we have coming your way."

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Take a look at the video below to see Chrissy Metz and the rest of the This is Us cast talking about the new episodes.

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