'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Predicts Her Baby Will Come Before Her Due Date, Talks Wedding To Cole DeBoer

Chelsea Houska isn't due until next month, but because her youngest child, Aubree, arrived weeks before her due date, she's ready to welcome her second child, a baby boy, at any minute.

In recent tweets, Houska has spoken of her son's possible early birth and revealed that her husband, Cole DeBoer, has predicted he will arrive on January 28 while she thinks she'll last until February 2.

After telling a fan that she thought she would give birth early next month, Chelsea Houska's father, Randy Houska, weighed in on the situation and told his followers, "I am going with Jan 28 #BabyDeBoer @ChelseaHouska Weekends work better for me, so work on that please."

In response, Chelsea Houska told fans that January 28 was DeBoer's prediction as well.

'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska is seen with daughter Aubree
Chelsea Houska is seen during a scene from 'Teen Mom 2' with daughter Aubree. [Image by MTV]

Chelsea Houska first announced she was expecting with a blog post on her official website last summer. While the reality star had previously said she was planning to wait until she was married to welcome her second child, she shockingly revealed to fans on July 13 that she and DeBoer were expecting a baby in February 2017. Four months later, Chelsea Houska shared another post on her official blog in which she confirmed she was having a boy.

"Cole is the PROUDEST man I have ever seen, and cannot wait to have his son. He's already planning his future hunting and fishing trips, haha!" she gushed in November.

Just last week, Chelsea Houska shared a photo of her growing baby bump with fans and around the same time, DeBoer expressed his excitement to welcome his first child.

"What an amazing year to come! Can't wait to meet our sweet little boy!" he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of himself and Houska. "I love my sweet wife [Chelsea Houska]. I have so much respect for how strong and wonderful she has been during this pregnancy. The amount she goes through for our little baby, she is more than amazing!!"

Chelsea Houska began dating Cole DeBoer in 2014 and one year later, as cameras rolled for Teen Mom 2, he was seen moving into the South Dakota home she shared with her daughter, Aubree. Months after that, DeBoer proposed.

'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska with her dad
Chelsea Houska talks to her dad during a scene from 'Teen Mom 2' [Image by MTV]

Although rumors swirled in regard to the possibility of Chelsea Houska postponing her wedding after discovering her pregnancy, she ultimately chose to move forward with her nuptials and in early October of last year, she became DeBoer's wife.

On January 5, Chelsea Houska opened up about planning her wedding to DeBoer, and explained why the nuptials were such a big deal for her young daughter.

"Even though I'm marrying Cole, it's such a big moment for [Aubree] also because she hasn't had the best experience with her dad," Chelsea Houska revealed to MTV News. "Her being able to have her own dress and feel beautiful and get ready for this day just as much as I am was really amazing."

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind, Aubree's father, haven't been on good terms for years and often, they are seen at odds on Teen Mom 2 due to their disputes over custody and child support. Luckily, Houska's ongoing drama with Lind didn't get in the way of the reality star enjoying her big day.

"Cole has been wonderful -- he's really laid back, and I get anxiety really easily," she explained.. "So he's been amazing. And I had a wedding planner, so she took a lot off the stress out of it."

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[Featured Image by MTV]