Bloomberg Sign Language Interpreter Lydia Callis, The Remix [Video]

Lydia Callis, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sign language interpreter, has emerged as a “signing star” during the the mayor’s televised Hurricane Sandy-related press conferences.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Callis has received a lot of notice on social media sites for her animated and emphatic signing during Bloomberg’s updates that have seemed to mesmerize viewers.

WPTV Channel 5 in New York City, explains how Callis became a viral phenomenon amidst the tragedy and devastation of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath:

“Callis, 30, became an Internet sensation just three days earlier because of the dramatic facial expressions and body language she used to translate Bloomberg’s dire warnings about the dangers coming with Superstorm Sandy.”

According to Channel 5, Callis said she tries to convey the mayor’s emotions as well as his words:

“Hearing people tend to not understand that deaf people need those facial expressions. The body language replaces the intonation others hear in a voice. If I stand up there with a straight face and just interpret it, they’re not getting half the message.”

Given all this attention focused on the interpreter, The Daily Beast has put together the Lydia Callis Hurricane Sandy remix. According to TheDailyBeast, “Amid the gloom and doom of Sandy, one woman has broken through as a shining beacon of joy: Mayor Bloomberg’s expressive interpreter.”

Watch the tribute to sign language interpreter Lydia Callis:

Are you a fan of Lydia Callis for her work during the Hurricane Sandy emergency? Are you disappointed that the mayor apparently is using a different interpreter now?