Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s Meeting With Jay Z And Beyonce ‘Awkward,’ Source Reports

Kanye West and Jay Z are trying to put their feud behind themselves and move on, but things may not ever be the same between the mega-rappers ever again.

At least, that’s what an unnamed source for Hollywood Life is reporting. On Friday evening, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were reportedly seen at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Holmby Hills home, where the couples allegedly had an “awkward” encounter.

“The meeting was awkward, to say the least, and it’s doubtful they’re ever going to be best buddies, but at least the latest drama is behind them now.”

According to Hollywood Life, Jay Z reached out to Kanye so that the two could put their “bad blood” behind them.

“Jay reached out to Kanye because he wanted to put an end to the bad blood,” the unnamed source told Hollywood Life. “The situation was festering and just getting worse, and Jay wanted to try and bring about a resolution.”

Back in October, the friendship between Jay Z and Kanye reportedly hit a rough patch after Kanye took to the stage to blast Jay. At the time, ‘Ye was reportedly frustrated with his friend because neither Jay nor Bey had visited to check on the family after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint.

In October, Kim was sleeping when masked men broke into her Paris apartment, bound and gagged the social media queen, and stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. The robbery was said to have “unsettled” Kanye more than anyone else, which is evidenced by his reaction when he felt Jay Z failed to give proper support after the event.

During his onstage rant, Kanye fumed that his children had never even met Jay Z and Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

“Don’t call me, after the robbery, and say, ‘How you feelin?’ You wanna know how I’m feelin? Come by the house,” Yeezy said during his rant. “Bring the kids by the house like we’re brothers. Let’s sit down. I can’t take this s— bro. Our kids have never even played together.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West settle feud with Beyonce and Jay Z – https://t.co/gPQjODaW2T

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Soon after Kanye’s rant, West canceled the remaining shows on his Saint Pablo tour and was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. There, ‘Ye spent more than a week in the hospital recovering from struggles with dehydration and sleep deprivation. Reports also speculated that Kanye may have been dealing with some paranoia after his wife’s robbery.

According to MSN, Friday night was one of the first times that Jay Z and Kanye had an opportunity to put their feud behind them. The news organization corroborated the report from Hollywood Life and even linked to some photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye arriving in Holmby Hills. Those photos can be seen here.

During the meeting, Kanye reportedly semi-apologized to Jay Z for his diatribe. According to the source for Hollywood Life, Jay didn’t expect much more.

“Kanye sort of apologized for running his mouth off, in typical Kanye way—but Jay wasn’t really looking for apologies, he knows Kanye better than to expect one. Plus, Jay knows what a tough time Kanye has been going through and Jay just wants to get back on good terms together and move on.”

What do you think of the news that Jay Z and Kanye West may have buried the hatchet? Do you think Jay and Kanye will ever be able to be close friends again? Why or why not?

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