Megyn Kelly Replacing Savannah Guthrie As Co-Anchor Of 'Today' On NBC? Show's Rep Sets The Record Straight [Debunked]

Is Megyn Kelly replacing Savannah Guthrie as co-anchor of NBC's Today Show? Since it was revealed several days ago that Kelly was leaving the Fox News Channel for the peacock network, it has ignited a flurry of rumors that has seemingly put many in a tailspin at the studio.

Reports are circulating that Megyn Kelly is replacing Savannah Guthrie, who anchors alongside Matt Lauer on Today. She's currently on maternity leave, but an article published by Radaronline on Thursday had a source claiming that Guthrie was "terrified" of losing her job on the show since it was revealed Kelly was joining the network. The unidentified source went on to say that even Meet the Press' Chuck Todd and NBC Nightly News' Lester Holt are supposedly "freaking out" and that Holt is "unsure of his future."

"Anchors are in panic mode inside NBC," another Radar source claimed. "No way is Kelly joining without an assigned show. This means someone is getting the ax and do not know it."

A source alleged in another report that Lauer knew Kelly was coming to NBC as a way of pushing Savannah Guthrie off Today. In order to avoid another Ann Curry scandal, it had to be painted as though Lauer was clueless to the development until the public found out.

When Guthrie arrived at the studio on Friday for the first time since her maternity leave to pay tribute to Lauer's 20 years on Today, it was twisted as indicating she was panic-stricken by Kelly coming aboard. Radar Online again published a report with a source alleging Guthrie was "shaking" during her "surprise" visit. It's unknown when her return to the news program will be.

There are claims that the former Fox News star is being "groomed" to take Guthrie's place.

A rep from Today confirms that Megyn Kelly isn't replacing Savannah Guthrie as co-anchor. The rep explains that Guthrie recently signed a five-year contract with the show to remain as co-anchor.

"No, Megyn is not being 'groomed'; the senior leadership of NBC News expects to be long-retired and sleeping in while Savannah is still rising early and anchoring Today," the rep tells Gossip Cop.

Likewise, a high-level source at NBC -- presumably the same rep -- tells the Page Six that NBC had no intention of having Megyn Kelly replace Savannah Guthrie on Today.

"The goal was simply to get someone of Megyn's talent and caliber through the door at NBC," the rep stated. "We have not made a decision on her daytime slot. It is being discussed."

The Today rep added that while Megyn Kelly's new time slot has yet to be decided, "it certainly isn't the 8 a.m. hour" of the program.

Only a few details about Kelly's new projects at NBC were disclosed. Her multi-year agreement consists of anchoring a new Sunday evening news magazine show and contributing to NBC's breaking news, political and special events coverage. She may be part of a daytime program, which hasn't been divulged publicly. This has culminated in a frenzy of speculations about what's in jeopardy at the network. In the last few days, a spate of reports have suggested that the longtime soap opera, Days of Our Lives, is at risk of being cancelled by the end of this year.

One thing about Megyn Kelly's arrival at NBC is cleared up -- she isn't replacing Savannah Guthrie on Today.

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