Scheana Shay Moves On From Mike Shay, 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Buys A Puppy To Help Get Through Divorce

Scheana Shay is almost a divorced woman. News of her relationship trouble broke a few months ago when her husband, Mike Shay, reportedly disappeared for days. There was speculation that he may have fell back into old habits and rumors swirled that he drained Scheana's bank account. Nothing has been said about what happened, but both Scheana and Mike confirmed the divorce was happening.

When the news broke, several of Scheana Shay's co-stars spoke out about the divorce. Lisa Vanderpump alluded to the fact that some of the reason the couple was falling apart would be shown on Vanderpump Rules this season but as of the most recent airing, nothing has really stood out. The divorce announcement from Scheana and Mike Shay wasn't shocking but fans were sad that the couple couldn't make it work despite the criticism they were up against.

According to Radar Online, Scheana and Mike Shay have hashed everything out for the divorce and they are simply waiting on the judge to sign off on what they decided. They spent the holidays apart and as a parting gift, Scheana reportedly bought Mike a plane ticket to go spend time with his family back in Michigan. It appears that things have ended amicably despite the rumors that tensions were rising between the couple.

It has been confirmed that Scheana Shay will allow the Vanderpump Rules crew to film the entire divorce storyline. In fact, the crew had to start back earlier than anticipated because of when the news broke. Vanderpump Rules had already ended filming and the new season began airing. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire about what caused the ending of their marriage but no one really knows for sure at this point. The two did separate a few months ago and Mike reportedly disappeared on Scheana. If that is what happened, more information about it will be shown as the divorce is covered by the popular reality show.

Now that Scheana Shay has sorted everything out with the ending of her marriage, she is moving on. Looking for apartments is tedious but that is exactly where she decided to start her journey. Because she works at SUR and films for Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has limited choices for where she can reside. As of now, she has not found anything she is set on. On top of new living quarters, Scheana Shay also found a new little friend to keep her company. She reportedly got a puppy to help her get over the changes in her life and to love on while she goes through the divorce from Mike Shay.

December was a hard month for Scheana and Mike Shay. Even though their marriage had been over for weeks, hashing out the final details was grueling on both of them. After turning in the paperwork, the final move comes from the judge. Scheana and Mike will both move on with their careers and because they didn't have children together, it shouldn't get messy. Fans are expecting Scheana to throw a divorce party once the paperwork goes through. It will be interesting to see which one of her friends from Vanderpump Rules will be there to support her when this all goes down, especially since rumors that Stassi is leaking details to the press have been circulating.

Mike Shay hasn't said whether or not he plans to remain in Michigan with his family or return to the place where he met Scheana. Fans hope they both can work through everything and remain amicable. They share friends and there will be times they will cross paths. Scheana Shay is moving on and finding an apartment is the first step in taking her single life back.

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]