'The Bachelor' Villain Corinne Olympios Stands By Her Bad Behavior And Claims She Is 'In It To Win It' With Nick Viall

It's still early, but Corinne Olympios is officially The Bachelor's newest villain. From making out with Nick Viall during the first cocktail party to going topless on an upcoming episode, there's little Corinne won't do to win Viall's final rose. Will she make it far this season or is she doomed for an early exit?

Entertainment Tonight reported that Corinne goes wild on the next episode of The Bachelor. During a trip to the beach, Corinne shed her bikini top just to get Viall's rose. The worst part of it is that it looks like her tactic might have worked.

"Dad would be proud," she tells the camera while holding one of Viall's roses. "Even though I was naked."

According to Pop Sugar, Corinne's antics have her tagged as this season's villain. Corinne is from Miami and helps run the family business during her down time. "I own an online business," she revealed. "It's very important to me, but the cool thing is it's online, so I can run it from anywhere."

Corinne claims her family owns a multi-million dollar company. Refinery 29, however, reports that the family's business doesn't come close to that number. While Corinne hasn't said much about the business, a family member owns a company called Armor Garage, which is currently valued at less than one million dollars.

Corinne made it clear she wanted to win Nick Viall's heart on night one of 'The Bachelor.' [Image by ABC]
Corinne made it clear she wanted to win Nick Viall's heart on night one of 'The Bachelor.' [Image by ABC]

Even still, Corinne lives a life of luxury. Along with growing up beside the beaches of Miami, Corinne has her very own nanny that stocks her up with cucumbers. She also denies getting lip injections but, claims her "vagina is platinum."

"I travel back and forth [sic] from Miami to LA and to NYC. I am really fun and easy going to work with," she explained. "My heart is gold, but my vagina is platinum."

Apart from working in the family business, Corinne is an aspiring model. She has profiles on several modeling websites, including Model Mayhem and Explore Talent. Her social media accounts are chalked full of professional photos and, of course, selfies.

While many fans of The Bachelor already view her as a villain, Corinne doesn't seem to mind the label. In fact, shortly after the season premiere, she told her social media followers, "To all the haters. From 'something to note' please read. And remember you don't know me. Thanks for those who support, thanks for the love!"

Nick and Corinne 'get married' on episode 2 of Season 21 of 'The Bachelor.' [Image by ABC]
Nick and Corinne 'get married' on episode 2 of Season 21 of 'The Bachelor.' [Image by ABC]

Despite being labeled a villain, Gossip and Gab reported that Corinne made quite the entrance during the first impression week. Corinne exited the limo with a "hug token" that Viall could cash in at any moment. Later that night, Corinne stole Viall for a quick make out session in front of the other contestants, who didn't take the slight very kindly.

Based on the teaser trailer for next week, Corinne's status as a villain is only going to get worse as the season progresses. Whether or not her tactics work in the long run is yet to be seen, but she certainly is bold enough to get Viall's attention.

In speaking about how many women he sleeps with this season, Viall revealed that the only contestant he's known intimately is Liz, whom he met at a wedding prior to The Bachelor.

"Night one, there's 30 women. While I know I had definitely met Liz before, I didn't think Liz deserved more time than some of the other women," Viall shared, adding that he might not hook with as many suitors as previously thought. "You'll have to watch. Probably not as many as people think. Maybe none."

Fans can watch Viall find love when new episodes of The Bachelor air Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by ABC]