WWE News: Big-Time Title Match Announced For 'Monday Night Raw' In New Orleans

WWE is really focusing on making this year's Royal Rumble as big as humanly possible, and they are building it up in huge ways. It has been talked about since early December, and now, every week makes the build-up even that much more intense. It certainly seems as if they are trying to amp up the pay-per-view (PPV), and boost ratings by doing whatever they can. That's why it is not shocking, but still exciting, that a huge title match was just added to Monday Night Raw.

An episode of Monday Night Raw that will already include the return of two iconic legends to Team Red.

Well, as if this week's show from New Orleans wasn't already big enough, WWE decided to add in a huge championship bout. It is a title bout that will either have a new United States Champion or it will make the current title-holder look like the best wrestler in the world.

wwe news spoilers monday night raw united states title match roman reigns undertaker shawn michaels chris jericho kevin owens
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As reported by WrestleZone, WWE has officially announced a two-on-one Handicap Match for the United States Title. Roman Reigns will put his belt on the line against the team of Jeri-KO which consists of Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Now, this is not a Triple Threat Match as has been reported by some, but it will indeed be a Handicap Match. All three men will not be against one another, but it will be Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens against Roman Reigns. If either member of Jeri-KO pin Reigns, they become the new United States champion.

It's interesting that WWE would allow Jericho and Owens to get a wide open shot at Reigns and even put his title on the line during it. At the Royal Rumble, the company is making sure the Monday Night Raw superstar can't interfere in the WWE Universal Championship Match by putting him in a shark cage and raising him high above the ring.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, it has also been revealed that Y2J is quite fearful of heights.

wwe news spoilers monday night raw united states title match roman reigns undertaker shawn michaels chris jericho kevin owens
[Image by WWE]

Many fans have complained that Roman Reigns has been built up too much like a "Superman" by WWE. If he ends up surviving a bout against the top champion on Raw and a future Hall of Famer, the fans may end up having those feelings strengthened.

Of course, anything is possible, but if Reigns is to escape this week's Raw with his United States Championship, then, he will likely need some help. It wouldn't be shocking to see Seth Rollins, his former brother in The Shield, come down to help him and thwart Jeri-KO's attempt at capturing the belt.

It isn't as if Rollins and Jericho are strangers, but the former did get the better of Y2J with a victory at Roadblock: End of the Line last month. There is likely a little bit of animosity still there, and it Rollins seems to have smoothed over his past differences with Reigns.

Monday Night Raw is shaping up to be quite huge this week, and it seems as if WWE really wants to give the fans everything lately. With no more competition from Monday Night Football, they can really build up ratings once again.

The Royal Rumble may be three weeks away, but WWE isn't waiting until the go-home shows to bring about the most exciting happenings. This week's Monday Night Raw in New Orleans will not only feature appearances by Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, but also a huge United States Title Match and much more. If Roman Reigns escapes with his championship, it will be quite amazing considering the talent of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, but anything is possible/

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