The ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Teaser May Be The ‘First Look’ Coming Soon To A Galaxy Not That Far Away, Says ‘Pop Culture Quest’

The first Star Wars Episode 8 teaser may be here soon, according to an enigmatic tweet from Pop Culture Quest. It may be here just in time to keep the hype alive for upcoming films in Disney’s other big universe.

Box Office revenue doesn’t look to be dying off any time soon for Rogue One, and it might not get a chance to slow down by the time new information is teased for Episode 8. At this point we don’t even know what the title is, even though much of the filming has already wrapped, especially for the late Carrie Fisher’s General Leia Organa.

The timing of Rogue One‘s release was almost too good, considering that it featured a digitized version of Leia the same month in which her actress died. It was purely coincidental, but may have pushed ticket sales.

Star Wars Episode 8 might not even need teasers after this, though fans will still be poring over every tiny detail in hopes of guessing what the movie will be about. Adam Driver has already stated that he doesn’t want any trailers released for the film, but it’s doubtful he’ll get his way. Upcoming films and trailers just go together.

Adam Driver provides a Star Wars 8 update
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Hollywood seems to know this too well, and most major releases in recent years have gotten so many trailers that fans have seen most of the movie before they even get in the theater for the rest. This happened with nearly every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Avengers, the DC Expanded Universe, and especially Minions. The latter had trailers literally lifted straight out of the movie instead of teasing much of anything.

Information on next year’s installment in the ever-famous saga is being kept tightly held much like with The Force Awakens, and Adam Driver (who plays the villain Kylo Ren) admitted as much in an interview with Larry King. He stated that everyone involved with the film is being told to keep all public information as general as possible, according to GameSpot. Adam said things will happen in the next film which explain a little more about what happened in Episode 7, and vice versa, meaning that The Force Awakens wasn’t meant to be a standalone film like A New Hope could have been.

Adam also posed a comment on Kylo Ren’s fate, indicating that the villain might not even live through the episode. Some are speculating that it means he will suffer a fate similar to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, or possibly become a Force ghost. The latter would mean that a new character might be his apprentice. It could be interesting if Luke Skywalker ends up training Rey, with Kylo Ren being a kind of Force ghost trying to convince her to take the same route he did.

Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi
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The tease from Pop Culture Quest could reveal more, but we probably shouldn’t expect much considering Disney’s tendency to keep details a secret right up to the film’s release date. Mark Hamill, who hosts the online show, has been known to troll the internet on Twitter, but that’s mostly on his personal account, says Movie Web.

The tweet simply had the film’s temporary placard title along with the words, “Exclusive first look at #EpisodeVIII coming soon…”

Nobody outside the film’s cast knows what the “first look” will include. It could be a tour of the set for a scene which isn’t very important, or possibly something akin to J.J. Abrams’ video featuring a pilot entering an X-Wing Fighter.

The first look could even be our first real teaser trailer, with John Williams’ signature music accompanying flashes of text and random images. Nothing is likely to be revealed until Pop Culture Quest airs the show, and details about Star Wars Episode 8 aren’t likely to be more than teasers until Disney decides it’s time.

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