Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Spark Engagement Rumors: Secret Plans For Wedding Bells And Baby Bliss?

Will 2017 be the year when all those engagement rumors about blonde beauty Gwen Stefani and her country crooner boyfriend Blake Shelton finally turn into reality? Fans have been speculating about wedding bells ever since Blake and Gwen confirmed that they had gone from platonic pals as coaches on The Voice to canoodling lovebirds. Now, their actions as they rang in 2017 have resulted in reports that the two are ready to be not just engaged, but that Shelton and Stefani have secret plans to tie the knot. There’s even the reported possibility of having a baby together to add to the pop rocker’s three sons.

Late last month, Gwen and Blake were seen at her parents house, arms piled full of holiday gifts. Was there an engagement ring hiding among those brightly wrapped presents? Radar Online reported that although Stefani’s sons were spotted at the occasion as well, making it the perfect opportunity for a family celebration of the couple’s engagement, there’s no ring on Gwen’s finger yet.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton charm on the red carpet.

However, the media outlet revealed that despite the lack of confirmation that Stefani and Shelton are actually engaged, the two have secretly been finalizing their plans to wed. Gwen and Blake even reportedly have set the date and place, with their wedding scheduled for the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills on May 5.

However, a source told Radar that even though the rocker and country music star have agreed on the time and location of their ceremony, the couple “can hardly agree on anything” when it comes to the details of their wedding plans.

“Gwen wants to go big on this — and Blake wanted to make it an informal affair down home…but he’s not willing to go to the mat against her.”

Although Stefani and Shelton are reportedly currently scheduled to tie the knot in chic Beverly Hills, the insider also revealed that the country crooner, 40, actually originally hoped to wed either in “Tennessee or their new place in Oklahoma.” But Shelton conceded to his 47-year-old girlfriend’s wishes, according to the source.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton reportedly are planning a secret wedding ceremony.

As to how many lucky friends and family members will receive invitations to the ceremony, Blake and Stefani even allegedly had a showdown over the number of guests. The pop rocker came up with a guest list of 700 individuals, according to the source.

“She also wanted to have a bunch of celebrity music stars perform — but [Shelton] didn’t want to turn the wedding into Woodstock.”

However, the initial guest list now has reportedly been reduced to 400. Insiders told the media outlet that invitations will go to Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Courteney Cox and fiancé Johnny McDaid. Stefani reportedly is inviting Katy Perry, while Shelton is sending invitations to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman as well as Luke Bryan and Brett Eldredge.

Initially Gwen and Blake were planning a Christmas wedding, according to Life & Style, which cited an insider’s claims as to what caused the delay.

“Gwen’s friends kept telling her to slow down and not rush into things,” revealed the source. “So she and Blake decided to take their advice.”

However, the insider emphasized that despite the delay, there’s no strain when it comes to the lovebirds’ relationship. Instead, postponing their ceremony has given them additional plan to work out the details of their “dream ceremony and honeymoon,” according to the source.

“They would love to go somewhere tropical like Tahiti or Hawaii [for their honeymoon].”

But Celeb Dirty Laundry’s insiders have a different version of Stefani’s and Shelton’s relationship when it comes to planning a wedding and even a baby. Those sources claim that Gwen feels it is “now or never and that’s why she wants to move fast with her wedding and pregnancy plans,” while Blake allegedly has told his close pals that he “likes” the status quo.

The sources claim that Stefani “hates” the speculation from some that her relationship with Shelton is a showmance rather than a true romance, and allegedly believes that the two have dated for a sufficient time to merit a proposal.

“Gwen is pressuring Blake to not only get married but get pregnant as well.”

The insiders also described Stefani as “tired of all the waiting” for Shelton to get down on bended knee, propose and slip on that engagement ring. As for the rumors of a baby, the sources claim that the songstress “knows time is ticking and that the longer the wait, the more difficult it will be for her to have a baby later on.”

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