Chris Brown To Fight Soulja Boy Over Karrueche: Daughter, Royalty, Brought Into Feud

Chris Brown is ready for a boxing match against Soulja Boy, CNN confirms, having grown tired of the endless back-and-forth Instagram feuding.

The former pals have been feuding for the past couple of days over an Instagram photo of Karrueche Tran, which Soulja had liked and commented on. As previously revealed, Chris was annoyed by the fact that the 26-year-old would even dare to approach his ex-girlfriend, knowing that Brown still has a lot of love for her.

According to Soulja Boy, Chris Brown ended up calling him via FaceTime and confronted him about his decision to like Karruche's Instagram photo. Soulja didn't like Chris' aggressiveness and before fans could even comprehend what was going on, the two were involved in a nasty social media spat.

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In an effort to diffuse the situation somewhat, Chris Brown told his fans that he no longer wants to be sending out threats on social media. Instead, he wants to challenge Soulja Boy to a boxing match, where the twosome would fight it out instead of engaging in a never-ending feud on Instagram.

And while Soulja Boy is said to have accepted Brown's offer, Hollywood Life claims that the "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" rapper may end up forfeiting the boxing match, having already tried to end the feud with Chris away from the social networking sites.

Sources say that Brown is refusing to accept any sort of apology, having been branded a "crackhead" and a reckless father by Soulja Boy, who also claimed to have slept with Rihanna right after the incident that left the 28-year-old bruised and battered.

Chris Brown feels totally disrespected by some of the things his former pal has said about him. Had this been a personal feud, it would've been more understandable, but millions of people are now involved in the drama, and to be shamed on such a wide platform has left Chris with no other option but to challenge Soulja Boy to a boxing match.

"Chris is down to square off and squabble with Soulja Boy in the ring," the source stressed. "Breezy's serious too because Soulja went too far by saying some crazy sh** and really disrespected Chris by saying he's a bad father."

"Chris can take a lot of things but when you come to him and say that he's not a good father to Royalty, yeah he takes that personally. He saw Soulja's little apology video but Chris doesn't know if he's genuine."
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The main point behind Chris Brown's decision in refusing to accept an apology and opting for a fight instead is simply so that Soulja Boy can be put in his place, Hollywood Life shares.

Brown feels like his newfound enemy has not only disrespected him as a parent to Royalty but also an industry friend. If Soulja Boy can do all the tough talking behind his camera, he should be able to accept the offer to a boxing match against Chris Brown and end the feud once and for all.

"[Breezy's] still really pi**ed and thinks Soulja is going to back out of the fight after posting this video or whatever. Either way, Chris wants Soulja to know that he can't go around talking sh** about people on social media without there being consequences."

Chris Brown is actively making plans to set up the boxing match by the end of the month, having already asked the likes of 50 Cent and Adrien Broner to help him organize the event. Chris is tired of the disrespect, so the only way he sees himself settling the matter is through this boxing match.

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