‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Star Dakota Johnson Dishes On Shooting Those Steamy Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan

Sex scenes look glamorous on the big screen, but actress Dakota Johnson says they are more challenging than one might think. The Fifty Shades Darker star opened up about filming steamy scenes with Jamie Dornan in the erotic drama, and her comments aren’t what you’d expect.

According to The Stir, Johnson revealed that filming sex scenes is an uncomfortable experience, especially with an entire crew watching. The actress, unfortunately, filmed a lot of sex scenes with her hunky star and quickly grew tired of “simulating sex.”

“I’m doing one [of the sex scenes] today. It’s not… comfortable. It’s pretty tedious,” the actress admitted during production of Fifty Shades Darker. “We’re not having actual sex. But I’ve been simulating sex for seven hours straight right now, and I’m over it.”

In the film’s official trailer, Johnson and Dornan had plenty of steamy scenes together. From a hot shower romp to a scandalous elevator scene, the trailer is chalked full of the actors getting down and dirty.

Of course, Johnson wasn’t alone in feeling awkward with all the sex. Dornan also expressed his hesitancy in filming so many intimate scenes, even though he and Johnson are good friends.

We Watched The 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer And We Have Some Questions [Featured Image via Universal Pictures]
Dakota Johnson in 'Fifty Shades Darker' [Image by Universal Pictures]

“Anyone will tell you that sex scenes, regardless of the content of the film, are always a tricky experience and relatively uncomfortable,” Dornan admitted.

Yahoo is reporting that producers just released an extended version of the original trailer. The new footage shows even more sex scenes between the on-screen couple and introduces two of Christian Grey’s former lovers.

That being said, new rumors indicated that Dornan and Johnson had to re-shoot many of their sex scenes. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, fans were extremely disappointed during an early screening of the movie, and director James Foley decided to go back to the drawing board.

The fans allegedly thought the actors were trying too hard on the sex scenes in Fifty Shades Darker, which came off as humorous instead of sexy. Members of the audience even laughed at some of the more steamy scenes in the movie.

This isn’t the first time Dornan and Johnson had to re-shoot scenes together. Back in 2015, the two were forced to re-film certain scenes for Fifty Shades of Grey. Of course, that movie went on to gross over $300 million in worldwide ticket sales, so the added scenes apparently paid off.

Gossip Cop, however, is reporting that these rumors have not been substantiated by anyone involved in the film. In fact, with the movie scheduled for a February release, filmmakers would be hard pressed to re-shoot any scenes and still get the movie out on time. As fans will recall, Foley decided to film the next two movies at the same time, which means production for the trilogy is already complete.

Both Dornan and Johnson have claimed that 'Darker' has bolder sex scenes than the first movie. [Image by Universal]

Meanwhile, as Anastasia Steele rekindles her romance with the billionaire, two of his former flames threaten to tear them apart. In the new extended trailer, Mrs. Robinson (Kim Basinger) warns Ana that Christian will never change and questions why she wants to start a real relationship with him.

Leila Williams (Bella Heathcote) is introduced as Christian’s former girlfriend turned stalker. At one point, Leila pulls a gun on Ana and threatens to take her out if she doesn’t leave Christian. The trailer cuts to black as a gunshot is heard.

In the middle of all the drama, Ana’s new boss, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) creates problems for her dating life. Not only does he make things difficult for her career, but Jack is also Christian’s oldest nemesis.

Fifty Shades Darker opens in theaters everywhere on Feb. 10, you can check out the latest trailer below. The final film in the franchise, Fifty Shades Freed, is scheduled to premiere a year later.

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