Chris Brown Gives Up Sex, Drugs And Booze For Soulja Boy Fight, Taps Mike Tyson As Trainer

Chris Brown is making the ultimate sacrifice to prepare for his much-anticipated showdown boxing match with Soulja Boy, vowing to give up women, drugs and booze through training.

And, as if that isn't enough, the "Loyal" singer has reportedly signed on former heavyweight champ and self-professed "baddest man on the planet" Mike Tyson as his trainer.

It's all part of Brown's commitment to be in the "best shape" of his life for his pay-for-view-battle with Soulja.

"Breezy's on a strict health diet," a source said of the 27-year-old hip hop star. "No drinking. No smoking. And no sex. And man, that no sex one is going to be hard for him. Dude wants to be in the best shape ever. A lot of sh** has been talked and there are a lot of eyes and money on this fight and he is not about to get into that ring and lose."

That part of the equation could well be out of Brown's hands, if Soulja has anything to say about it.

The "Crank That" rapper is also rumored to be pulling out all the punches to make things turn out in his favor, aligning himself with career undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather and likewise putting himself on a strict workout regimen.

Rapper Soulja Boy performs onstage at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards at Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]
Rapper Soulja Boy performs onstage at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards at Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Word is he has also invited Brown's longtime, on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna to sit ringside for the battle as his special guest.

All the latest details come courtesy of fellow rapper 50 Cent, who is unabashedly in Brown's corner and reportedly helped finalize the deal to land Tyson as his trainer. Several media outlets have also reported 50 and Mayweather have waged a $100,000 bet on the night's outcome.

50 recently took to Instagram to post a video of a conversation he had with Tyson, where the former champ assures, "Yeah, Soulja Boy's gonna get f**ked up."

Meanwhile, "Money May" has taken to promoting the battle through his Mayweather Promotions company.

Tensions between Brown and Soulja Boy recently exploded after the two exchanged taunts on social media and Brown's ex Nia Guzman became involved by posting a picture to Instagram of Soulja hanging out with their young daughter, Royalty.

Guzman later insisted the photo was harmless, adding that Mayweather has been recently "investing in Royalty's future."

After that, there was no holding back for Brown.

"Seriously, we gon' set up this fight," he said, along with publicly urging his handlers to move up the fight date. "It's gonna be professional. You could do all that, but one thing you gotta stop doing-- I'mma be real with you -- stop bringing my daughter into this."

Brown and Soulja's beef also dates all the way back to Rhianna, and rumors that she and Soulja may or may not have hooked up after one of her and Brown's numerous splits.

rihanna anti artwork reveal
Rhianna poses for photo at recent art gallery event. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

"What he really mad about is that I was with Rihanna, you know what I'm saying?," Soulja recently boasted. "And no one would have never knew that, if he hadn't come and started tripping about Karrueche," he added of another one of Brown's exes.

The rapper added that his moment with Rihanna came soon after her and Brown's infamous physical confrontation in L.A., which ultimately landed Brown on five-years' probation.

According to Soulja, shortly after the whole L.A. incident, Rihanna called his handlers and expressed an interest in attending one of his shows. From there, he claims everything is history.

"That's what the beef really stems from, it stems from Rihanna," he added.

Later, Soulja went on to taunt Brown to no end.

"Treat me like I'm Rihanna," he said. "Beat me like you did Rihanna, see what the f*ck happens."

Soulja ended his rant by extending a personal invitation to the fight to both Rihanna and Karrueche.

"You know they can't wait to see this n*gga get his a** beat," he said.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]