Jennifer Lopez 'Loves How Drake Takes Charge In Relationship': Romance Reportedly Heating Up

Jennifer Lopez feels incredibly secure and safe around Drake whenever the duo gets together, it has been claimed.

The pop star, who has been dating the 30-year-old for the past three weeks, seems confident that the relationship will last, simply over the strong bond the twosome share between one another.

Jennifer has assured pals that her new romance is the real deal. Though the relationship is still fresh, Hollywood Life claims Lopez and Drake are constantly talking to one another on the phone — and if they aren't speaking via FaceTime, they are spending time together in Vegas.

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Something that has taken Jennifer Lopez by surprise, however, is the amazing conversations she's reportedly been having with the Canadian-born superstar. According to sources, the couple talk for hours on end. Jennifer feels so comfortable to open up and talk to Drake about anything because of how secure and comfortable he makes her feel.

While Lopez is commonly known to take her time in figuring out whether a relationship is going to work for her or not, though she's only been seeing Drake for a month, she reportedly sees herself having a future with the "One Dance" hitmaker purely based off their chemistry together.

"Drake is the first man, other than Marc Anthony, who takes charge in the relationship. She loves how confident and self-assured Drake is around her," the insider reveals. "Most men, including Casper, feel intimidated by her and she ends up being the Alpha in the relationship."

The insider claims that in previous relationships, such as the five-year on-again, off-again romance Jennifer Lopez shared with Casper, the "Booty" singer was very much the one wearing the pants — after all, she was the breadwinner with a bigger career.

And while it's not necessarily about who makes more money for Jennifer, it seems as if being in the company of someone who understands the business and has a similar work ethic as her, on top of having a great personality, is something that she simply can't overlook.

"Drake makes Jennifer feel cherished and safe and secure. He makes her feel like a real woman. It's refreshing for J.Lo to be with someone who isn't afraid to call the shots, considering she's usually the one who ends up being the dominant one in the relationship. She feels like she's found her match in Drake."
As previously revealed, Jennifer Lopez and Drake spent New Year's Eve together in Las Vegas, despite previous claims made by the singer's rep, stressing that the former American Idol star had to cancel her $1 million Miami appearance because she had opted to spend more time with her family and kids.

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With how the relationship has been going so far, Jennifer is more than certain that she's found herself a man that she can potentially see herself having a future with. Again, though, Lopez and Drake have only been seeing each other for a month, so it's too early for the couple to call the shots on their future together just yet.

It's also being reported that Jennifer and Drake are currently working on a collaborative track together, TMZ reveals, which will most likely appear on J.Lo's forthcoming album, having recently signed a new record deal with L.A. Reid's Epic label. Though there will definitely be new music from Jennifer this year, she has yet to confirm an official release date.

With the relationship being in full effect, what do you think about Jennifer Lopez and her future plans with Drake? Should she commit herself to a romance with a 30-year-old or is she making a big mistake here?

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