Britney Spears Pregnant Rumor: Planning Family, Wedding With Sam Asghari [Rumor]

Maurice Cassidy

Britney Spears has only been dating Sam Asghari for a couple of weeks, but according to sources, the singer is already considering the idea of starting a family with the professional dancer.

Britney, who first met Sam on the set of her music video for "Slumber Party," has found herself spending plenty of time with her new lover, whom she reportedly shares a very close bond with — so much that she's already thinking about having kids with him.

Sources via Hollywood Life claim that Britney Spears is making it her priority for 2017 to have at least one more child. She loves the idea of expanding her family, and now that she's found someone who she can see herself having a future with, Britney is already planning out the rest of her year, starting with having another baby.

"Brit is enjoying her new man Sam, and while she has no intention of ever getting married again, she would love to have a daughter or at least more kids," a source tells the news outlet, heavily insinuating that Asghari has impressed Britney enough to form a relationship with.

Back in December, The Sun claimed that Spears was still in the early dating phase. While the singer was already said to have been head over heels in love with the dancer at the time, Britney reportedly wanted to be sure that if she was going to commit herself to a new relationship, it was going to be for the long run.

Continuing her "Piece Of Me" residency in Las Vegas while working on her next album and raising two children can be a lot for Spears to deal with, so if the romance with Sam wasn't anything serious, which she would've established early on in the relationship, she wouldn't have committed herself as much as she has.

"It has been her dream to have a daughter and she has always wanted a big family. The one of the many things she loves about him is that he wants to have children one day so if they are still together this time next year, she might ask him if he wants to have kids!"

But, as revealed by the outlet, Britney's boyfriend supposedly also wants to have children, so if the romance makes it through the year, Spears will definitely want to commit herself regarding plans to expand her family with Sam Asghari.

Just two weeks ago, it was revealed that Britney Spears and Sam had gotten so close that the "Toxic" singer had already provided her lover with a penthouse suite in Vegas. The mother-of-two reportedly wanted her beau closer to her residency while she hits the stage three times a week.

From what sources gathered, Sam and Britney are living in the same building out in Las Vegas, though it's unclear whether she has introduced him to her two children yet.

Considering the advanced moves Britney is making to effectively plan a future with Sam Asghari, it'll only be a matter of time before the kids find themselves being around the dancer — especially since Spears is already looking into having a baby with him, as claimed by Hollywood Life.

Britney has yet to comment on the rumor that she's planning to expand her family with her new boyfriend, but what do you think? Is having another baby the right move for Spears?

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