'Pitch Perfect 3' Release Date Confirmed: The Bellas Are Back With Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, And Their New Rival Andy Allo

Nikki Valenzuela

Anna Kendrick and the Barden Bellas are definitely back for the next installment of the capella movie Pitch Perfect. The first installment, which aired in 2012, became an unexpected hit, and the second Pitch Perfect sequel shown in 2015 grossed more than double. It is no wonder that a third sequel will soon come out.

However, the production of Pitch Perfect 3 is not without delay. Initially, it was Elizabeth Banks who was supposed to direct the third installment, however, due to issues on scheduling and sudden change of release date, she backed out. Pitch Perfect 3 then went on to change its release date schedules a few times and rumors have started sprouting saying that it will never happen anymore.

Luckily, Step Up: All In director Trish Sie came to the rescue last September. She agreed to take the spot of the vacant director's chair and be in charge of the whole production while Elizabeth Bank will remain as a producer. Now that everything seems to be in its perfect spot, the production can run smoothly.

Huffington Post recently reported about the first photos for Pitch Perfect 3. Anna Kendrick, who plays the role of Beca, and some of the movie cast recently took to Instagram to share some rather fun looking photos from their recent Pitch Perfect 3 reunion.

"At today's #pitchperfect3 table read, I tried really hard to work in a Kenny G cameo… I don't think he's available-but production got us this!"

In a previous interview with Anna Kendrick, she mentioned that since she has not received the final script for Pitch Perfect 3, and her imagination ran wild with crazy plot lines, she jokingly said.

"We're filming in January. I still haven't seen a script a year later, but I am very excited to begin shooting it. I would really love it if we were in space. I personally would love to do one of those anti-gravity scenes. That's my dream!"

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]