WWE News: Possible Opponents For Goldberg at 'WWE Fastlane' Revealed

As it turns out, Goldberg will be wrestling a little more for WWE over the next couple of months than most people thought he would. When he first made his return to WWE back in October, it seemed like his match with Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series would be a retirement match. One last run for the former WCW Champion, but that was before he beat The Beast in under two minutes and set the wrestling world on fire.

There was a specific logic from WWE going into Goldberg's squash of Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series. The powers that be wanted to generate as much buzz as possible while saving Goldberg's injured shoulder from a becoming a more serious issue after a brutal match with Brock. The result was quite successful, and now the WWE Universe is waiting for the WWE Royal Rumble to see Goldberg and Lesnar cross paths again.

However, whatever happens at the WWE Royal Rumble between the two heavyweights is expected to push their rivalry into one final match at Wrestlemania 33. Not only that, but Goldberg will get to spar with many other WWE Superstars from the current roster. A lot of the fun of having someone like Goldberg back on the roster is to see how he'd do against the current roster. Well, WWE officials want to see more of that soon.

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Goldberg's current deal with WWE that is set to expire after Wrestlemania 33 in April has as many as three appearances on PPV for "The Road to Wrestlemania." Obviously, the WWE Royal Rumble PPV will be the first and the grandest stage of them all in Orlando is the second. It's being reported that WWE Fastlane will be the third WWE PPV appearance for Goldberg, and it's possible he will be wrestling a match at the PPV.

As of this writing, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar III is still essentially confirmed for Wrestlemania in April, but is it possible WWE officials have changed their plans in order for their third match to be featured at WWE Fastlane instead of Wrestlemania? WWE officials want the WWE Universe to see WWE Fastlane as equally important as the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, so booking Goldberg and Lesnar is a way to do that.

It's plausible, but it is also very unlikely that WWE would book the final match of Goldberg's career against Brock Lesnar roughly a month early with Wrestlemania 33 around the corner. However, someone else on the current WWE roster getting involved with Goldberg and keeping him busy through WWE Fastlane isn't a stretch, especially after what happened during the last episode of Monday Night Raw.

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It's been rumored that Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns could be a match WWE officials would book before the former's contract expires. Just seeing the two face off on Raw this week was entertaining, so a full match between the two would be quite the event for WWE. Roman Reigns could be the WWE Universal Champion by WWE Fastlane. The bout would likely end with Brock Lesnar interfering, but it would be fun.

Another possibility could be Braun Strowman, who had no problem asserting himself between Goldberg and Reigns. He ended up taking a Double Spear from both men for his trouble, but a match with Goldberg could be great for Strowman's exposure and set him up for a big Wrestlemania match. Of course, WWE may book someone like Rusev to put over Goldberg before the grandest stage of them all, which would be simpler.

There will be a lot of speculation about what WWE officials have planned for Goldberg at WWE Fastlane now that it's coming to light he'll be appearing or even wrestling at the PPV. Many WWE Superstars would like the chance to face off against Goldberg during his final run. Whatever WWE has planned for Goldberg on "The Road to Wrestlemania," they'll be revealed during or shortly after the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

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