Could 'Days Of Our Lives' Be Canceled? Rumors Fly That Megyn Kelly's New Talk Show Is Taking Over The Time Slot

Megyn Kelly just picked up a new job, and it looks like she could also be taking over the time slot where Days of Our Lives currently airs. Rumors are flying that Days of Our Lives could be getting canceled in less than a year. People shared all about the rumors that Megyn is going to be doing her daytime talk show in the post where Days of Our Lives normally airs. Megyn just announced that she was leaving Fox News and moving on.

A source that is connected to Days of Our Lives is speaking out and saying that several people on the cast were told that this season would be the last one. Days has been airing almost every weekday since Nov. 8, 1965, making it one of the longest-running scripted shows on TV. Right now, Days of Our Lives is being renewed on a yearly basis, but they have been doing it this way for a while now. They are good for 2017, but nothing is confirmed for Days after this year is done. The source is saying that they have been told that Days of Our Lives won't be around in 2018, but so far, NBC isn't confirming anything. They probably won't be saying anything until it is definite.

NBC News chairman Andrew Lack did offer Megyn Kelly a daytime news show that would also be a discussion show. This would mean that NBC needs an hour-long slot for her to have it air in and if Days of Our Lives ends, that would be the perfect place for her show. This is a prime slot and you know that Megyn is going to get a slot where her show will get a ton of views.

Nancy Lee Grahn is the star of General Hospital, but she even went to Twitter to share her thoughts on Days of Our Lives possibly being canceled.
"# may cancel # after 52 yrs? As if we needed another reason to not enjoy her."
An insider shared that nothing is confirmed at this time about what Megyn Kelly will be doing.
"Nobody knows when Megyn start. She is still under contract at Fox until July, then she has a six-month non-compete [clause]. Nobody knows what she is going to be doing. There is so much that has to still be arranged. It's definitely not like she's starting on the Today show Monday morning!"
It will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next year or so. There are always rumors about soap operas being canceled. If Days of Our Lives does end up canceled, fans of the show are going to rally behind it and see if there is anything that they can do to get it picked up another network or move to Netflix or Hulu. You never know what will end up happening with Days of Our Lives.

Are you shocked by the rumors that Days of Our Lives could be getting canceled? Are you going to miss this show if they end it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Days of Our Lives, weekdays on NBC. For now, the show is good through 2017 so you will be able to enjoy it for a while regardless of what the final decision is about Days of Our Lives.

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