Ben Affleck Companion Not A Date, But A 24 Hour In-Home Detox Concierge

With Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage looking on-again and off-again, it wasn't a far stretch to imagine that if Ben Affleck was out in public with a pretty blonde, he was moving on and going public with his latest girlfriend. But sources are unveiling some new information that makes it look more like Affleck is looking to repair his marriage and not move on with another woman.

Sure, this wouldn't be the first time that Ben Affleck was spotted in a compromising position with a blonde, as the nanny-in-Vegas situation was only a year ago, reports the Inquisitr. The Affleck nanny then took a selfie on a private plane with Affleck and Tom Brady, and it shows the young, blonde nanny wearing Tom Brady's Super Bowl rings. This situation reportedly infuriated Affleck's wife, Jennifer Garner, and put their marriage on the road to divorce.

Page Six revealed that the blonde with Ben Affleck is actually a private nurse, whose specialty is around-the-clock in-home detox, a kind of concierge nursing. Rumors about Affleck spending time with a pretty blonde, while looking unwell and as if he had just rolled out of bed, made people wonder if it was a date or something else. And if a celeb was trying to keep a secret, was lunch in Beverly Hills the way to do it?


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However, the woman is not a date -- she's nurse Elizabeth Weaver, the founder of the company Concierge Nursing Care. Her specialty is helping patients privately recover from addiction. She also provides sober companion support. Well, the privacy part might have gone out of the window, but for a good cause, as all of the questions about the state of their marriage have taken a toll on their efforts to mend their relationship.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced back in 2015 that they were divorcing, despite 10 years of marriage and children, but they seem to have maintained a working relationship, often seen together with the kids, but they have yet to pull the trigger. Affleck is currently doing press for his movie Live by Night, and if he is trying to get and stay sober, a 24-hour sober companion doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Ben Affleck has reportedly had trouble with alcohol in the past, and so it isn't a stretch to think he might be reaching out for help to stay clean and sober. Although the buzz was that Affleck was seen with a pretty blonde in Beverly Hills, upon closer examination, at most she held his arm, almost to be helpful, rather than to be romantic.

During a lunch out and a stroll around downtown, as if he wanted to be seen and photographed, Ben Affleck looked pale and unkempt. Later the same day, Affleck and Weaver were seen out with some of Affleck's friends. While out, the two checked out a bookstore and did some window shopping. Neither the Affleck nor the Garner camp is commenting on this current revelation, but the pictures speak volumes, that for one reason or another, Ben Affleck is making a very public attempt at cleaning up his life.

There is also no word as to whether part of this clean-up is rekindling the relationship and perhaps marriage with Jennifer Garner.

Why do you think Ben Affleck is choosing to get clean now? Were the bad reviews for his latest film the trigger?

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