'The Walking Dead' Season 7B News: Rick Grimes Gets His Revenge -- Mostly

The Walking Dead Season 7B is primed to come back in February with eight new episodes that will have fans of the AMC show cheering from one end of the world to the other. Until now, Season 7 of The Walking Dead has mostly been a series of dreadful episodes that seemed to never offer any glimpse of hope or survival for any of the core characters, or the newly introduced characters like King Ezekiel and The Kingdom. But all of that is about to change.

If there was one thing that fans of The Walking Dead already knew, it's that there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel. That includes the painful nature of watching episode after episode of Season 7 as it dragged on with what most have seen as pointless, or even boring episodes.

This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that SPOILERS from Season 7A and 7B of The Walking Dead are coming up. If you have not seen this year's episodes yet, or if you do not want potential spoilers from Season 7B of The Walking Dead, then you should only proceed with that caution in mind.

But for most people, whether you have seen the first eight episodes of Season 7 or not, you know that Negan has made his debut on The Walking Dead and his first action was to kill two major characters, Glenn and Abraham. But for those of you who have not seen what has happened since then, there are details that you may want to catch up on.

First of all, Rick Grimes has been emasculated and broken to the point that he has surrendered all of Alexandria over to Negan. That is something that fans of The Walking Dead have never seen before and it has been a bit shocking and depressing since that premiere episode of Season 7.

Fear not, faithful fans of The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes has regained his bold composure and his ruthless attitude moving forward, and it looks like he is about to get some revenge on Negan. Maggie might just be at the helm of Rick's raging inferno as well.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead actor Andrew Lincoln spoke about what lies ahead for Rick Grimes and there are some interesting and exciting details to report.

"There's a lot more levity, if you can believe that, than you've ever seen before in Mr. Grimes," Andrew Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly. "There's sort of a freedom in him, a feeling that comes from losing everything, and also the thrill of the fight. It's the thrill of the fight again. He's back in. All I'm saying is that the band is back together."

When Andrew Lincoln spoke with Entertainment Weekly, he seemed to have a spark that most actors have when they are just coming on to a hit show. His enthusiasm for what's to come on The Walking Dead Season 7B shows that there is a secret that he is just itching to let out, but he has to hold back.

"It's 'the Magnificent Seven' in the back half (of Season 7B on The Walking Dead). Rather, the magnificent eight episodes," Andrew Lincoln told EW. "Wait 'til [episode] 16. I promise you, there is one beat in 16, I dropped my script and started punching the air and did a little jig."

It was apparent to most fans of The Walking Dead that Rick Grimes and the core group will get to have their revenge on Season 7B of the AMC show. But they need to remember that Eugene is stuck within the bowels of the Saviors internment camp.

The Walking Dead Season 7B picks back up on AMC next month, on February 12.

[Featured Image via AMC]