93 Year Old Bodybuilder Turns Heads Of Sexy Young 70 Year Old Girls [Video]

This 93 year old bodybuilder is getting ready to hit the beach after competing in bodybuilding competitions. Recently, he did 57 dips, 61-chin-ups and even pulled off 48 abdominal crunches, each in 45 seconds.

Dr. Charles Eugster is a retired dentist who started to notice his body was getting flabby after reaching his 80s. He began his bodybuilding career at age 87. He even has a former Mr. Universe help train him. After six years, he has a daily routine comprised of more than two hours, where he can put out more than 60 pullups and 50 pushups at a time.

“I am of the opinion that no age is too old,” he says. “Aging has become an enormous pleasure, a delight, a joy.”

But what motivated this 93 year old bodybuilder? Did he desire to live a healthier lifestyle? Nothing so grand, as it turns out…

“The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach,” Eugster told BBC News. “I’m extremely vain. I noticed I was getting fat.”

While the achievements of this 93 year old bodybuilder are impressive, keep in mind that most seniors are advised to avoid strenuous forms of activity, which obviously includes lifting weights. If you feel motivated to copy Eugster’s lifestyle please talk to a doctor first.

“[Eugster] is unusual and there is a small minority of the population that can undertake that sort of vigorous activity into their 90s, but that’s not true of most of us,” said professor of primary senior care Steve Iliffe, according to thepostgame.com. “Within reason it is never too late to start exercising, but you do have to remember there is a difference between exercise and physical activity.”

All I have to say is that this 93 year old bodybuilder is a motivation to me…if only I can pry myself away from my keyboard long enough.