‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Scene Hidden At The End Of The Vampire Thriller?

Does Underworld: Blood Wars have a scene after the credits?

For fans of the fantasy/horror/suspense series, it’s a question that could save them a few minutes at the very end of the movie or possibly reveal a hidden scene about the future of the Underworld series.

For those unfamiliar with the movie trend known as “the stinger,” or after-credits scene, it’s a short scene of usually no more than a minute or two that plays after all the credits have ended. It’s a bit of a reward for moviegoers willing to sit through five-to-seven minutes of credits, and it usually serves to tie up a loose end or give a preview of an upcoming movie in a series.

These scenes used to be very rare, but now has become much more common and almost an expectation within some genres. Superhero movies, for example, almost always have an after-credits scene and the Marvel series in particular has made an art of it, with each movie featuring not one, but two scenes after the credits.

[WARNING: Underworld spoilers are ahead.]

So, is there an after-credits scene in Underworld: Blood Wars?

The answer is no. There is nothing after all the credits end and nothing during the credits either, the site Media Stinger reported.

There could be a big crowd looking to see Underworld: Blood Wars in its opening weekend. The movie has built up a dedicated following through its first four installments, and The Wrap noted that it could make a splash in its opening weekend despite playing against a still-very-popular Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

“With a budget of $35 million (‘Underworld: Awakening’ was produced for double that), the studio is expecting a low to mid-teen gross this upcoming weekend when it opens in 3,065 North American locations.

“However, box office experts say that the power of ‘Underworld’ should not be underestimated. After all, ‘Evolution’ in 2006 opened to $26.9 million and ‘Awakening’ grossed $25.3 million in 2012. Because of this, analysts say we could expect a gross between $17 million to $20 million.”

But the movie has also opened to softer reviews than its predecessors. Many reviewers noted that the series is growing a bit stale, and that Underworld: Blood Wars lacks some of the fun of the previous iteration, Awakening. That leaves this latest one a lot heavier and darker, which may not play well with all fans.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s review also noted that star Kate Beckinsale appears to be getting a bit bored with the series.

“It’s particularly depressing to see Kate Beckinsale once again don her tight black spandex outfit after displaying her versatility and comic skills in Love &Friendship. Yet here she is again (after all, bills must be paid) starring as the ‘Vampire Death Dealer’ Selene, who’s in more trouble than ever. She’s now forced to battle both the Lycans, headed by the fearsome Marius (Tobias Menzies), and a fellow Vampire, Semira (Lara Pulver), whose villainy is in direct proportion to the amount of cleavage she bares.”

These mixed reviews may not do much to deter fans of the series, and Underworld: Blood Wars is still expected to compete for second place at the box office behind Rogue One.

So while Underworld: Blood Wars doesn’t have an after-credits scene, there is at least one advantage to moviegoers heading to see the fifth installment of the vampire series — they’ll get a five-minute head start for the exits once the movie ends.

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