‘Under The Bed’: Watch Lifetime’s True Story-Inspired Movie Based On Valet Stalking Case

Lifetime is known for its exceptional movies that are based on true stories. This weekend’s real life-inspired flick is most likely based on a case out of Washington, D.C. Under The Bed will debut this Saturday. It was written (teleplay) and directed by Daniel Myrick, from a story by Richard Halpern. Filming for this feature film took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was produced by Appian Way, Radar Pictures, and Sobe Brooke Studios. Lifetime’s Under the Bed stars Hannah New, Beverly D’Angelo, and Pat Healy.

The Movie Under The Bed On Lifetime TV Synopsis

Callie Monroe is a beautiful young woman who is serious about her upwardly mobile career. Always ready for a challenge, Callie makes sure that she keeps focused on her job so that she can continue having success. However, all work and no play make Callie desperate for a little relaxation. She finds a way to unwind through a new relationship with a man she meets online, and soon, she begins exchanging text messages with him on the internet.

It’s nothing serious. Besides, it’s a way for Callie to get away from her hurried lifestyle and engage in some adult conversation without having to jump head first into a real relationship.

But what starts out as a friendly chat quickly turns into something that Callie finds both intriguing and troubling. It seems that the internet stranger knows everything about her. As Callie thinks back, some of the intimate details that the stranger knows about her happened while she was home alone, or so she thought.

What Callie doesn’t know is that a mysterious stranger is lurking right under her bed, where he watches her every move while detailing and documenting her most private and secret moments. However, this is no stranger — it’s the valet parking attendant who recently parked her car.

With a copy of her car keys, the valet parking attendant sneaks into Callie’s home and hides until he can catch a glimpse of her. Stroking his fingers across the sheets as she sleeps, he records footage of her on a mini camera device that is connected to his WiFi. Not only does he like to see Callie sleeping, this relentless stalker loves to see her undress and enjoys seeing her flinch just when she thinks she has heard a strange sound.

Knowing that he lurks just under her bed, the obsessed man’s sensual imagination runs wild as he entertains fantasies of building a relationship with her through text messages and hopes to finally reveal himself to her once she has fallen madly in love with him.

Meanwhile, Callie realizes that her life is suddenly spiraling out of control. First, her mother’s cat goes missing followed by a neighbor’s mysterious disappearance. Will Callie unravel the plot before the sinister stalker completely destroys her?

Under The Bed is most likely based on the case of Carlo Castellanos-Feria of Hyattsville, Maryland. According to Empire Online, in 2006, he was arrested and later convicted of stalking Michelle Fredenburg-Onion, a nursing director at a local hospital.

Carlo Castellanos-Feria, also known as Carlos Feria, was said to have made a copy of the nurse’s keys before using them to enter her 16th Street NW home.

For two days, he hid under her bed and recorded her movements. He was discovered after her boyfriend found him hiding under the bed. The Washington Post describes the events this way.

“The drama unfolded shortly after 7 a.m. Sunday, when a male friend of the woman’s noticed something move on the floor. He looked under the bed and found the intruder, police said. Then he beat the man with a flashlight and subdued him until police arrived; the woman and her friend not hurt.”

When police arrived, they found tapes, a cord, condoms, and gloves in his possession. The nurse told investigators that she noticed him stalking her. On one occasion, Castellanos-Feria even showed up unannounced at her church.

According to WISTV, the woman’s ex-husband was also targeted by the video voyeur, who stole six framed photos, a wedding video, and vacation photos from the ex’s home.

Castellanos-Feria was sentenced to three years in prison. He told the judge that he was sorry for what he had done and stated that he was blinded by love.

Executive producers of Under the Bed are Aldo LaPietra, Alex Mace, Shawn Papazian, Hiren M. Patel, Fernando H. Rojas, and Justin Shaner, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Under the Bed, a Lifetime movie thriller, airs this Saturday, January 7 at 8/7 p.m. Central. Also debuting this weekend is the Lifetime movie Evil Nanny.

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