Top 5 Stores With The Easiest Gifts Return Policy [Opinion]

Holiday season is officially over. Schools, stores, bars — everything is open again and everybody is back to work. Not exciting? Indeed, I mean who wouldn’t want to stay at home for another week and unpack all the presents or watch more Christmas movies, even though we have seen them a hundred times already? Well, watching movies is fine, but I wouldn’t rush to unpack all of the presents. Did it ever happen to you, that after holidays you end up with two exactly identical coffee makers or pajamas that don’t fit you? It happened to me, and that was the time when I had to learn which stores have the best gifts return policy and how I can utilize this!

In fact, 10 to 15 percent of holiday sales and merchandise are returned or exchanged, and millions of dollars are coming back on the shelves, according to the National Retail Federation. So to help you not to get stuck with unwanted gifts, here is the list of stores with their gifts return policy.

1. Wal-mart

Even though by their official rules, they only accept returns within 90 days of purchase, you can still get your money back even after that date. As their main rule — a customer is always right. Another great part about their gifts return policy is that they don’t need receipts. Of course, Wal-mart would prefer you to have one, but again customer is always right. So, without a receipt, you will be able to get an even exchange, a cash refund, or a Wal-Mart gift card, depending on the amount of the purchase. However, be aware that it doesn’t always apply to returns of electronics. groceries, and some other items.


2. Nordstrom

Officially, Nordstrom return policy is on a case-by-case basis “with the ultimate objective of making our customers happy.” In reality, though, they have one of the best return policies ever. Receipt or no receipt, they don’t care as long as you bought it at Nordstrom. They don’t have customer service or return counter; you can approach any sales associate and they would be happy to assist you. The only exception they have is regarding evening gowns because people used to utilize their kindness too much. So if you got your gift from Nordstrom and it doesn’t fit, don’t be scared to go there and take advantage of their great gifts return policy!

3. Macy’s

Another department store which cares about its customers, by offering competitive gifts returns policy. They have posted their gift return policy online for better convenience. However, you should be aware that they have made some significant changes to it. For instance, Macy’s now requires all returns to be made in one year. They had to tighten their unlimited returns due to a high volume of fraud. Another catch is that you can’t return gifts for cash; you will be issued a gift card for the corresponding amount of money, if you have a gift receipt. If you don’t you still get a credit but it will be for the lowest selling price of the last 180 days.


4. Kohl’s

Kohl’s refers to its return policy as “Hassle-Free Returns.” The same as in Wal-mart if you don’t have the receipt and paid in cash, you will receive a store credit, and the amount will be based on the lowest 13-week sale price. However, if you paid with a credit card they will refund the full money amount. Also, there are no time restrictions on your returns and refunds, so don’t be ashamed to take that extra coffee maker back!

5. Target

Target’s policy is the strictest one on this list. Also, it varies depending on what you have purchased and its condition. For example, Target brand items unopened and unused can be returned within one year; music, video games, and movies cannot be returned but may be exchanged. The most important rule in their gifts return policy is that items purchased between November 1 and December 25 are subject to a 30-day return period that starts Dec. 26. So hurry up if you got something from Target.

I hope this guide will help you to save some money and get rid of the unwanted gifts!

[Featured Image by YvanDube/iStock]